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This is how to Contact Us – So, you may wish to contact us by sending email to professionalmarks136@gmail.com. You may also reach us on the following specific channels: Office: +234-8184175508 Click here for about us


Our Goals

Founded in 2021by a group of career professionals who have come a long way as human resources managers. When professionalmarks.com first started out, our passion for helping young and fresh graduates was our goal, providing the best current recruitment and career information for the growing unemployed youth drove us to more intense research actions.

As a matter of fact, as time went on and considering the nature of current job market, the need for professional qualification to enter or remain in the job market is increasingly present, so we cover every aspect of professional highlights that will always help professionals have a good job for their labor.

Furthermore, Professional trainings, conferences, workshops, examinations and membership of various professions became very essential to solving manpower development challenges. And, that’s a major objective of this website. Related to these are all that is related to local and international travels associated to professionals goals. So, check out in this website for your professional membership and qualifications. Check out too for your next local or international engagements information. Our Professional tips category covers these.

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You may wish to contact for professional tips and career information. In addition, this website takes up academic background issues like primary, secondary, and tertiary education issues. This is based on the fact that we belief that catching them young for professional upbringing is important. This is why we have articles that cover past WASC, GCE and NECO exams questions, answers and results. There are also NYSC information and Career civil services information too.

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