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Here is the NECO Candidate Profile

Here is the NECO Candidate Profile

Here is the NECO candidate profile – This post detailed the proper profiling of a candidate before he/she is considered a candidate for NECO. Also, the NECO registration portal, NECO token, NECO result checker pin, and the NECO examiners portal. Furthermore, the preparation for the NECO exam, the rules and regulations, NECO registration portal, and the procedure to follow to be a successful candidate.


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Here is the NECO Candidate Profile

NECO GCE – General Information

  • The Registration fee, once paid, is not refundable.
  • The use of reputable cyber cafes is highly recommended as the Council will not be liable for registration errors committed by candidates. (A list of suggested cyber cafes nationwide where candidates can log on to register are available on the NECO website – Internet Service Operators – or are physically on display at our State offices nationwide.)
  • Candidates should carefully follow the instructions on the online scratch card before registration.
  • Candidates should study the Regulations and Syllabuses before registration.
  • Candidates should note that their uploaded image/photograph during the registration will be embossed on their certificates.
  • Smoking, cellular phones and other electronic communication devices are not allowed in the examination hall.
  • Candidates should dress in mufti, and no one will be allowed entry into the examination hall with arms.
  • Multiple entries are not allowed. Candidates who register more than once will have their entire results cancelled.
  • Candidates who damage or lose their scratch cards before registration will have to purchase another card.
  • Please note that No candidate shall be allowed into an examination hall once an examination commences.
  • Social and physical distancing in the examination hall or classroom will be strictly enforced/observed.
  • Every candidate should bring into the examination hall or classroom his/her own hand sanitiser.
  • A candidate showing symptoms of COVID-19 in the course of the examination will not be allowed to continue until he/’she is certified to be medically fit.

Here is the NECO Candidate Profile

NECO GCE Exam Centres:

The Examination centres for each state have been grouped into Neighbourhoods. Candidates should select a Neighbourhood within the state where they intend to sit for the examination. They will automatically be assigned a centre within the selected neighbourhood after uploading their registration data online.

The Registration:

Application Fee: Registration fee is Seventeen Thousand Eight Hundred Naira (N17,800.00) Only.

Stamp Duty: N50.00.

All payments should be made into the NECO Treasury Single Account (TSA) SSCE e NECO portal.

Visually Impaired Candidates:

Visually impaired candidates are to register like everyone. However, they are to indicate the nature of their disability when making entry of their bio-data in the offline application during registration.

Here is the NECO Candidate Profile

Late Registration & Walk-In Registration:

Late registration will attract payment of ADDITIONAL One Thousand Naira (N1,000) only.
Walk-in registration will commence from 15th November and will end on 19th November 2022. The amount is Twenty Thousand Naira (#25,000.00) only per candidate. Registration must be done a day before the scheduled time of the first subject/paper intended to sit for.

Mode of Payment:

Candidates or registration points (cyber cafes) are to Visit www.NECO.gov.ng and create an account using either their emails or phone numbers, activate the accounts and pay into the NECOSA through five payment options.

  • ATM Card
  • Internet Banking
  • USSD
  • Wallet
  • Bank Branch

Here is the NECO Candidate Profile

Application for Registration:

The registration is both online and offline. Prospective candidates should visit the Council’s website NECO.gov.ng SSCE , link to locate the nearest registration point (Cybercafe) and register at any time within the stipulated registration period. Candidates can also create an account, purchase a registration token and then proceed to the registration point to register.

  • A passport size photograph is required for the registration. The candidate’s passport size photograph should NOT be more than SIX MONTHS old and must have a white background. System Camera can also be used to snap the passport size photograph at the point of registration, as the case may be.

Application Procedure:

  • Create an Account: Create an account by visiting https://ssce,.NECO.gov.ng/ and clicking the Register Here Link.
  • Activate Your Account: An activation email will be sent to you. Follow the instructions contained in the email to activate your account. Sometimes the email might end up in your spam folder.
  • Login: Visit ssce,.NECO.gov.ng Use your registered email and password to log in
  • Make Payment: Once logged in, you can make payment for SSCE , examination. your payment is successful, and you will be issued exam and/or four-figure table token(s)
  • Locate a Registration Point: To register, you have to visit any approved cybercafes operators registration points. Visit https://operator.NECO.gov.ng/ to help you locate one near you.
  • Register Offline: Register by providing your information, including pictures, fingerprints and subjects you wish to sit for.
  • Print Your Photo-card: Provide your token to upload your data. Once the system verifies your token, you will be issued a photo card with your registration number and details.
  • NOTE: To upload candidates’ data to the NECO portal online and obtain examination numbers, a candidate must be registered and either has an online account or have it created for him/her by a cyber café Log in to the created account and purchase registration token (s) (scratch cards are no longer used for SSC registration).

Here is the NECO Candidate Profile

NECO Registration Token

The Registration Token is used by candidates to register for the SSCE , Exam, either by themselves or through a Registration Point. Before a candidate can sit for the SSCE Exam, they need to Purchase a Registration Token. A candidate can purchase his/her Registration Token from their accounts or go to the nearest Registration Point.

NECO GCE Attestation Photo cards and Timetable

Check National Examinations Council (NECO) GCE Timetable for 2023 SSCE Candidates.

On completion of the registration process, each candidate must obtain the following from the Cyber Cafe.

  • Timetable for the examination, and
  • At least one (1) clear copy of the NECO Photo-card, which would be used to admit the candidate into the Examination Hall. (Candidates should note that Passport size photographs on the Photo cards that are not clear will NOT be accepted in the Examination Hall)
Here is the NECO Candidate Profile

Here is the NECO Candidate Profile

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Lastly, Here is the NECO candidate profile; this entry guide is distributed with additional examination-related documents. It has easy-to-follow instructions for online registration. I suggest you keep coming to this website to get more answers to your questions. Bookmark this page to stay up to date on the most recent information.

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