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Latest on the new NABTEB GCE Timetable 2023

Latest on the new NABTEB GCE Timetable 2023

Latest on the new NABTEB GCE Timetable 2023, NABTEB 2023 GCE’s Timetable is available. This is to let everyone who wants to take the NABTEB exam in 2023 or 2024 know that the timetable is out.

The NBC/NTC and ANBC/ANTC examinations for 2023 have begun, according to the National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB). When will NABTEB 2023’s NBC/NTC and ANBC/ANTC Exams Begin? The National Business and Technical Examinations Board will begin the exams on a date to be determined.


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Latest on the new NABTEB GCE Timetable 2023

NABTEB Timetable for 2023 and 2024 Materials Accepted for the Examinations:
1) Each candidate must bring their own ruler, mathematical set, pencil, eraser, ink, and pen.
2)Drawing Supplies: Candidates must bring their own drawing boards, Tee-squares, metric scale rulers, and other tools for drawing. If necessary, they may also use slide rules during the examination.
3)Also, It is permissible to use a simple, cordless, non-programmable calculator.
4)GSM handsets & other electronic devices are not permitted in the examination hall.

Latest on the new NABTEB GCE Timetable 2023


  • Examination Malpractice Act No. 33 of 1999: The provisions of Examination Malpractice Act No. are hereby referred to the candidate. 33 of 1999, which impose severe penalties for exam misconduct.
  • Except for materials specifically instructed to be brought for the examination, candidates are not permitted to bring textbooks, scripts, or plain sheets of paper into the hall.
  • During the examinations, candidates must not communicate with one another. Candidates who wish to ask questions should raise their hands to get the supervisor’s or invigilator’s attention.
  • Candidates’ bringing of books, bags, or other belongings to the examination center is not the responsibility of the Board.
  • Also, a supervisor will be instructed to notify the Board of any candidate who disobeys any of these instructions may ask the candidate to stop working.
  • Candidates can make a direct report to the Board with evidence in the event that examination officials or school authorities are involved in exam malpractice or irregularities.
  • Keep your eye on this page; We will continue to update it daily.

Latest on the new NABTEB GCE Timetable 2023



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