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Free Questions For Neco  Data Processing 2023/2024.

Free Questions For Neco Data Processing 2023/2024.

Free Questions For Neco Data Processing 2023/2024 – as a candidate who is in search of Neco Data Processing Questions, we are here because we try to make sure all our candidates. Studies are hard to pass.

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Data Processing PAPER I

  1. The first-generation computers made use of
    A. low-level programming language.
    B. high-level programming language.
    C. object-oriented programming language.
    D. procedural programming language.
  2. Microprocessor was used as the main electronic component of the
    A. first generation computers.
    B. second generation Computers.
    C. third generation computers.
    D. fourth generation computers.
  3. The act of producing information from figures, text or images is called data
    A. collation.
    B. conversion
    C. preparation.
    D. processing.
  4. The following are primary sources of information except
    A. questionnaire
    B. publication
    C. observation
    D. interview.
  5. Which of the following factors is not considered when classifying computers?
    A. Size
    B. Type
    C. Location
    D. Purpose

Free Questions For Neco Data Processing 2023/2024.

  1. Which of these channels would enable business transactions between a buyer from Nigeria and a seller from

A. e-portal
B. e-library
C. e-commerce
D. podcasting

  1. The ICT application which helps to resolve road congestion at junctions is
    A. automatic teller machine.
    B. automatic traffic marshal.
    C. street light.
    D. traffic light.
  2. The main components of the central processing unit (CPU) of the computer are.
    A. register and memory.
    B. control unit and register.
    C. control unit and At t
    D. ALUartdBUS.
  3. Stages in the data processing cycle include the following excepts data
    A. collation.
    B. gathering.
    C. parsing.
    D. processing.
  4. At what stage of information processing is data validation carried out?
    A. Data analysis
    B. Data collection
    C. Data processing
    D. Data summarization

Objectives Answer


Data Processing PAPER II
Attempt all questions from this section(1a)

(i)Database security ensures that physical damage to the server doesn’t result in the loss of data

(ii)Database security blocks attack from unauthorized users or hackers. this prevents the loss of sensitive information

(iii)Database security prevents malware infections and stops viruses from stealing data

(i)Physical data model
(ii)Conceptual data model
(iii)Canonical data model
(iv)Application data model

Free Questions For Neco Data Processing 2023/2024.

(2ai) Define the following:
Transitions in presentation package;
(i)Great analytical skills.
(ii)Paying attention to details.
(iii)Commitment to work and self-development.
(iv)Communication skills on point.


Collation information

Analysis of information;

(3a) Explain the following:

  • insert text
  • delete text
  • cut and paste
  • copy
  • page size and margins
  • word wrap
  • search and replace:
  • print:

(3b) What is Computer virus

(3bi) What is responsible for:
(i) Your computer is slowing down
(ii) Unusual messages show unexpectedly.
(iii) several Crashes
(iv) Annoying ads are displayed and pop up messages

(4a) What is Data base management system?

  • (4b) Explain the following :
  • Field
  • Record
  • Primary key

Free Questions For Neco Data Processing 2023/2024.

Free Questions For Neco  Data Processing 2023/2024.

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