Receivables from NYSC Orientation Camps Nationwide Now – Do you want to know about the Receivables from NYSC Orientation Camps Nationwide Now? When you consider that every state in Nigeria must have an NYSC orientation camp, then you realize that there must be 37 of them in Nigeria. So, how many NYSC orientation camp do we have in Nigeria now? And, where is Borno state NYSC camp located? So, we can now begin to consider which is the best or worst NYSC orientation camp in Nigeria. And one of the criteria for this judgment is the sufficiency of the receivables in the camp.

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Receivables from NYSC Orientation Camps Nationwide Now

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Important Items to receive

Considering Receivables from NYSC Orientation Camps Nationwide, please ensure you register when you arrive in camp so you can get your registration slip. This slip will serve as your temporary ID card on camp. In fact, it also contains your State Code. You will also be given a job list, a mattress and be allocated a hostel.

At this point, for the Receivables from NYSC Orientation Camps Nationwide, check out what platoon you belong so that you can go ahead to register on the Platoon level. Now, check the last digit number in your state code. You will see a range of number from 0 to 9. Number 0 is platoon 10 which does not exist. But then, the figure 1 is for platoon 1, 2 is platoon 2, 3 is platoon 3, 4 is platoon 4, 5 is platoon 5, 6 is platoon 6, 7 is platoon 7, 8 is platoon 8 & 9 is platoon 9.

Receivables from NYSC Orientation Camps Nationwide Now

Receivables from NYSC Orientation Camps Nationwide Now

The Receivables;

After successfully completing your registration on Platoon level in camp you will be given the following Receivables from NYSC Orientation Camps Nationwide. This is usually by your assistant Platoon Inspector:

  • NYSC Kit
  • 1 Crested Vest
  • 1 Khaki Trouser
  • 1 Cap and Jacket
  • 2 white T-shirts
  • 2 pairs of green-striped socks
  • A pair of Orange Jungle Boots and White canvas
  • A belt
  • Meal Tickets
  • NYSC Booklets (Orientation course schedule, Bye-Law etc. )

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