The Authentic list of Compulsory subjects for NECO Exams- In Nigeria, the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education are administered by the National Examination Council (also known as NECO) in June and July and November and December, respectively. This is The Authentic list of Compulsory subjects for NECO Exams

In April 1999, former President Abdulsalami Abubakar established NECO. It was the first Federal organization in Nigeria to provide academic candidates with discounted registration. Read more about The Authentic list of Compulsory subjects for NECO Exams here.

The National Board of Education Measurement (NBEM) was given the task of taking over from NECO. In the middle of 2000, it had its initial examination. when it was led by Abubakar M. Gana, who was appointed by the President following section 9 of the Act that set it up. Each of its six departments is led by a director. There are divisions and units within each department. A group of chiefs and a recorder are the overseeing body, which is going by chair Abubakar Mohammed.


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The Authentic list of Compulsory subjects for NECO Exams

What science subjects are offered by NECO?

Nine subjects must be studied by every science candidate. The NECO science subjects are listed below.

  1. One trade subject
  2. Agricultural science or economics
  3. Biology
  4. Chemistry
  5. Civic education
  6. English
  7. Geography
  8. Mathematics
  9. Physics

subjects that must be taken by all NECO candidates

The five NECO subjects every candidate should read up and get inspected for.

  1. Civic Education
  2. Economics (optional for some candidates)
  3. English
  4. Mathematics
  5. One trade subject

What number of subjects do I have to register for in NECO?

Nine subjects should be included in each candidates registration structure. These include the five required units and four that re not entirely determined by one’s review expertise.

The Authentic list of Compulsory subjects for NECO Exams

General NECO subjects.

  1. Additional General Science
  2. Additional Mathematics
  3. Agricultural Science
  4. Applied Mathematics
  5. Biology
  6. Food Science
  7. Botany
  8. Chemistry
  9. General Biology
  10. General Science
  11. Geology
  12. Health Science
  13. Human Biology
  14. Hygiene
  15. Integrated Science
  16. Mathematics
  17. Physics
  18. Pure and Applied Mathematics
  19. Rural Biology
  20. Rural Science
  21. Statistics
  22. Zoology
  23. Geography

What is a trade subject?

By imparting involved skills, a course provides students with the valuable opportunity to acquire some business skills. Painting, carpentry and joinery, upholstery, plumbing, welding, carpentry, specialist, and accounting are typical professions.



Finally, on The Authentic list of Compulsory subjects for NECO Exams- select your offered courses first, followed by your borrowed ones. so that, unless you have good reasons to skip any exam, you can do well on all of them. Please save this page as a bookmark for later use.