The Nysc Book Of Life During Service – Dear Corps Members and Prospective Corps Members (PCMs). It falls within our responsibility to let you know that in every NYSC camp across Nigeria, there is a book tagged the ‘Book of Life’. Nysc info: brings you all information about NYSC online registration and requirements. There is also information about the best or worst orientation camps in Nigeria. We also answer other questions like; where is nysc camp located and where is Ekiti nysc camp located.

The Nysc Book Of Life During Service

The Nysc Book Of Life:

Book of life is a book containing every corp member’s basic details.

It is our responsibility to let you that in every Nysc Camp in Nigeria, there is a Book of life is real, however, it’s important to note that it’s different from the one God has in heaven.

In the NYSC orientation camp, every corps member is advised to sign in the book before passing out from the orientation camp. NYSC officials have in the past explained that the reason the book s called the book of life, however, it can be derived from the importance of signing the book; were as any corps member whose name s not written in the book of life is not a serving corps member even if the person has fulfilled every other requirement from NYSC. According to the officials, signing the book of life is the greatest requirement a corp member must meet up with. Failure to do that will make your service year void.

However, once you enter the Nysc camp, is your responsibility to search for and sign the book of life. For instance, If I become a politician tomorrow and someone accuses me of never participating in the NYSC scheme, all I have to do is direct them to the book of life.

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The Nysc Book Of Life During Service

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