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Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria

Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria

Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria – Quickest career to get in Nigeria & How to do it.- One of Africa’s fastest-growing economies is centered in Lagos’ central business district, which contributes approximately 10% of Nigeria’s GDP. Therefore, it is not surprising that the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects at the beginning of 2020 were particularly devastating.

More than a quarter of a billion people in four countries—Uganda, Malawi, Ethiopia, and Nigeria—are estimated to have lost income as a direct result of the coronavirus epidemic. In addition, although Nigeria’s health has escaped the worst of the pandemic, the country’s economy has not. Read more about Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria
Nigerian businesses continue to struggle, but many have rebounded. And as a job seeker, you need to know how to stand out in a country with over 200 million people, many of whom are looking for work at any given time. Because of this, you must be aware of the jobs that will be in high demand in Nigeria in 2023.

Finding out which jobs in Nigeria are currently in high demand is the best way to stand out from the crowd. But before you start looking for a job, think about these things: In Nigeria, what kinds of skills are in high demand? When it comes time for your interview, you will be much better prepared if you have a solid understanding of which skills are growing in the industry.


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Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria

Take a look at our lists of the Quickest career to get in Nigeria & How to do it.
What Job Skills Are In High Demand in Nigeria?


Africa’s supply and demand increased during the pandemic, in contrast to other industries. A crucial set of skills is the ability to effectively communicate with other businesses. While dedicated sales skills are frequently compared to language skills, they are extremely useful when working in both African and international markets. In Nigeria, jobs of this kind are very common and will continue to be highly sought after well into the next decade.

Industries: Retail, Wholesale, Hospitality, e-Commerce
Job titles: Business Manager, Sales Director, Supply Chain Specialist

Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria


Due to Nigeria’s abundance of natural resources, engineers are highly sought after in all industries, but especially in the infrastructure and environmental sectors. Solid solutions to problems and an excellent ability to keep cool in the face of daily, sometimes hourly challenges are two of the most important skills that engineers can possess.

Industries: Architecture, Government, City Planning,
Job titles: Petroleum Engineer, Civil Engineering Technologist, Draftsperson

Languages (Quickest career to get in Nigeria & How to do it.)

Many Nigerian businesses, particularly smaller ones, have realized over the past two decades how important it is to hire skilled translators and linguists to expand their communication channels beyond the African market. Language skills are extremely important and in high demand because foreign investors are interested in African business and resources.

Industries: Legal, Marketing, Accounting, Education, Publishing
Job titles: Interpreter, Communications Specialist, Translator

Creative Design – Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria

As many individuals keep on rehearsing social separating and remote work, there are fewer eyes on the road to see out-of-house promoting signage (announcements, transport advertisements, experiential showcasing). In that capacity, numerous Nigerian imaginative organizations, particularly in bigger urban communities like Lagos, are finding the advantages of fitting publicizing work to more advanced and standard mail directs with expectations of arriving at every one of the web-based customers at home. Furthermore, they need inventive planners and workmanship chiefs with Adobe Photoshop and Artist abilities to fill those quantities.

Industries: Advertising, Publishing, Education
Job titles: Art Director, Graphic Designer, Production Artist, Copywriter

Banking/High Finance

Nigeria’s focal business center in Lagos includes a portion of the world’s biggest monetary firms. What’s more, despite the harm to key worldwide business markets all through Africa and the world in 2020, the recuperation is starting to move continuously. Thus, applicants with monetary abilities are supposed to be popular in 2021.

Industries: Finance, Compliance & Legal, Accounting, Business Planning
Job titles: Financial Analyst, Account Broker, Investment Advisor, Chartered Accountant

Business Management – Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria

Correspondence, association, and versatility. These re the sub-abilities expected for any appropriate administration position in Nigeria. Notwithstanding 2020’s pandemic, business in Lagos is as of now blasting and organizations are hoping to enlist skilled individuals with an eye for detail to supervise their records. Also, with the world opening up more in 2021, there are considerably more noteworthy open doors for business pioneers – open doors that will probably stay sought after for years to come.

Industries: Government, Marketing, Retail/Wholesale
Job titles: Project Manager, Risk Manager, Procurement Director

Medicine/Nursing Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria

At the level of the worldwide pandemic of 2020, we were helped to remember the significance of attendants and clinical experts to our lives (and our economies) – – however, particularly all through Africa. While the planet is as yet faltering from the impacts of Coronavirus, medical care in Nigeria has endured a hard shot, one from which it will just recuperate with the right nursing experts close by. Post-Coronavirus treatment for those living with the infection will represent a large number of worker hours well into the following 10 years.

Industries: Private/Public Healthcare, Tourism, Education
Job titles: Intensive Care Nurse, Midwife, Nurse Practitioner, Hospital Administrator


Businesses in Nigeria are looking for candidates with marketing abilities to analyze demographics and promote products, services, and concepts to audiences—a valuable skill set that is always in demand. There likely to be an increase in growth for well-paying marketing jobs as pandemic restrictions re being eased worldwide, with significant progress anticipated by the end of 2021, particularly in major cities like Lagos, Kano, and Ibadan.

Industries: Technology, Retail/Wholesale, Hospitality, Tourism
Job titles: SEO Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing Editor

Customer Service Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria

At the point when individual economies experience difficult situations, you can frequently anticipate that bounce back should happen as restricted unification and in-spending; when the world economy runs into some bad luck, the normal bounce back happens in the space of movement, retail, the travel industry, and accommodation – all of which require committed client support up-and-comers at all levels.

Industries: Retail, Hospitality, Wholesale, Tourism
Job titles: Human Resources Manager, Travel Agent, Company Secretary

Software Development

While PC abilities can be depicted as exceptionally adaptable, specific programming abilities re utilized by people who feel comfortable around PC programs- – a major differentiation. Programming improvement abilities are a developing item in Nigeria, and there has never been a superior opportunity to grandstand those gifts to businesses in 2021.

Industries: Technology, Finance, Education
Job titles: Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Full Stack Developer

Surgeons – Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria

Because of the basic idea of their work, Specialists top the rundown of the most lucrative positions in Nigeria. A specialist’s calling implies a high gamble and any mix-up on their part can prompt a death toll. So this calling requires broad information.
To turn into a specific specialist, you need to finish clinical school, which might require fifteen years or more. When you get significant capabilities, extraordinary open doors look for you.

How much do Surgeons make?
Salary Range: From N630,000 to N2,500,000 per month.


Pilots fly and explore planes, helicopters, freight planes, and different sorts of an airplane. Aside from flying significant distances, Pilots re paid generally well because the lives and security of travelers rely upon them.
To turn into a pilot, you want to look for induction into any endorsed flight school of your decision. It would require around four years to finish.

How much do Pilots make?
The starting pay for entry-level pilots ranges from N200,000 to N500,000 monthly. Captains earn about N500,000 to N3,000,000 monthly.


Due to the obligations related to their work, Judges likewise acquire significant compensations. Pay range from N530,000 to N1,650,000 month to month.

Medical Doctor – Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria

Clinical Specialists can decide to work in an expert medical clinic, showing medical clinic, general well-being organization, and confidential practice, and the sky is the limit from there. They have some expertise in ophthalmology, nervous system science, gynecology, gastroenterology, pathology, pediatrics, and other medical care areas.
To turn into a Clinical Specialist, you need to go through a six-year course and gain proper confirmation in medication at any licensed foundation in Nigeria.

How much do Medical Doctors make?
Salary Range: From N300,000 to N1,500,000 monthly.


Mariners work on enormous hauler boats, big haulers, and explorer boats and assist with the movement and organization of these vessels.
To turn into a mariner, you want to look for induction into the Oceanic Institute of Nigeria or any of the certified private sea foundations across the league.

How much do Sailors make?
Sailors in Nigeria earn between N220,000 to N1,400,000 every month.


You might be interested to learn that Nigerian lawyers make a lot of money. You could avoid the death penalty or save a lot of money by hiring an experienced and successful lawyer.
A bachelor’s degree in law is required to practice law. You will earn millions as you gain experience and professionalism.

Salary Range: From N150,000 to N1,330,000 per month.

Petroleum Engineer – Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria

If you are lucky enough to work as a petroleum engineer for one of Nigeria’s largest oil companies, your annual salary will be approximately N12,000,000. This will largely depend on your work history and experience.
A five-year program and appropriate certification at any approved Nigerian institution re required to become a petroleum engineer.

How much do Petroleum Engineers make?
Salary Range: From N200,000 to N1,000,000 per month

Military Officer Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria

Monthly salaries for high-ranking officers in the Nigerian Army, Navy, and Air Force range from N500,000 to N1,700,000.

Software Engineer

It pays to work in software engineering. A certificate in computer engineering from an accredited school is required to become a software engineer.

How much do Software Engineers make?
Salary Range: From N250,000 to N1,600,000 per month.

Chartered Accountant – Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria

Mega companies and government agencies employ accountants, who re tasked with managing accounts.
It can take up to four years to earn a professional certificate from ACCS, CIMA, ICAN, or other professional organizations to become a chartered accountant.

How much do Chartered Accountants make?
Accountants in Nigeria earn between N150,000 to N1,550,000 monthly.


In Nigeria, a bachelor’s degree in a related field from a recognized institution required to become a banker.

How much do Bankers make?
Salary Range: From N150,000 to N1,450,000 monthly.

Telecommunications Engineer

One of the country’s fastest-growing industries is the telecommunications sector. A bachelor’s degree in telecommunications engineering from a recognized institution is required to become a telecommunications engineer.

How much do Telecommunications Engineers make?
Telecommunications Engineers in Nigeria earn between N220,000 to N1,200,000 every month.

College Professors/Lecturers – Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria

It is also one of the most prestigious careers to be a college professor. With salaries ranging from N300,000 to N1,000,000 per month, college professors re among the highest paid.

Project Manager (Quickest career to get in Nigeria & How to do it.)

The annual salaries of project managers in the big oil and gas, telecommunications, and manufacturing industries are enormous.

How much do Project managers make?
Salary Range: From N279,000 to N804,000 per month.


Numerous Nigerians now pursue careers in entertainment. Due to the rising demand for entertainment, musicians, comedians, actors, and actresses make a lot of money.

How much do Entertainers make? Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria.
Musicians, comedians, actors, and actresses earn between N600,000 to N1,200,000 for their appearances in a movie or a concert.

African man browsing work opportunities online using job search computer app, black jobless seeker looking for new vacancies on website page at laptop screen, recruitment concept, rear close up view
Pharmacist Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria

The majority of a pharmacist’s work is in pharmacies, dispensaries, hospitals, and drug stores.
You must earn a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree (B.Pharm) at any accredited institution in Nigeria to become a pharmacist. This may take five years or more.

How much do Pharmacists make?
Salary Range: From N150,000 to N850,000 monthly.

IT Security Analysts/Ethical Hackers/Programmers

As long as IT continues to be a revolutionary tool in the nation, these specialists will always be required. Monthly salaries for these positions range from N145,000 to N600,000. These specialists play a variety of roles, including creating software for computers and ensuring online safety.

Nurse – Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria.

People who are observant, caring, communicative, open-minded, and empathetic are ideal for nursing jobs. Nurses in Nigeria typically work in specialist hospitals, teaching hospitals, private practices, and public health institutions, earning between N150,000 and N650,000 per month.

Investment banker

The majority of asset management firms, investment advisory firms, banks, consulting firms, and hedge funds employ investment bankers. They re tasked with acquiring investments in capital. You can still become an investment banker, no matter what you study.

The monthly salary of an investment banker is between N300,000 to N500,000.

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SUMMING UP: Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria

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Well Paid And High Demand Jobs In Nigeria:

In conclusion, Nigeria offers a plethora of well-paid and high-demand job opportunities across various sectors. The country’s economic growth, expanding industries, and increasing focus on innovation have created a favorable environment for professionals seeking lucrative careers. Sectors such as technology, finance, healthcare, and energy hold immense potential for individuals looking to secure well-compensated positions with promising career trajectories. Moreover, Nigeria’s large population and emerging middle class provide a vast consumer market, further driving the demand for skilled professionals. By leveraging their expertise, staying updated with industry trends, and continuously enhancing their skills, individuals can position themselves for rewarding and sought-after jobs in Nigeria.

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