What is the best combined nine subjects for WAEC?- The West African Examinations Council, more commonly referred to as WAEC, was established in 1952 as an examination body. It is tasked with determining the English-speaking countries of West Africa that require examinations in the public interest, carrying out those examinations, and issuing certificates that are comparable to those issued by other international exam bodies.

Under WAEC, students can sign up for a variety of study options. Sciences, arts, and business are among these. What science subjects re offered to WAEC students? This is What is the best combined nine subjects for WAEC?


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What is the best combined nine subjects for WAEC?

What science subjects re offered by WAEC?

Nine subjects must be studied by every science candidate. The WAEC science subjects are listed below.

  1. One trade subject
  2. Agricultural science or economics
  3. Biology
  4. Chemistry
  5. Civic education
  6. English
  7. Geography
  8. Mathematics
  9. Physics

Mandatory subjects for all WAEC candidates

Here is a glance at the five WAEC subjects every candidate should read up and get inspected for.

  1. Civic Education
  2. Economics (optional for some candidates)
  3. English
  4. Mathematics
  5. One trade subject

What is the best combined nine subjects for WAEC?

What number of subjects do I have to enroll for in WAEC?

All candidates should have nine subjects on their enlistment structure. These incorporate the five mandatory units and four not entirely set in stone by one’s review forte.

General WAEC subjects.

  1. Additional General Science
  2. Additional Mathematics
  3. Agricultural Science
  4. Applied Mathematics
  5. Biology
  6. Food Science
  7. Botany
  8. Chemistry
  9. General Biology
  10. General Science
  11. Geology
  12. Health Science
  13. Human Biology
  14. Hygiene
  15. Integrated Science
  16. Mathematics
  17. Physics
  18. Pure and Applied Mathematics
  19. Rural Biology
  20. Rural Science
  21. Statistics
  22. Zoology
  23. Geography

What is a trade subject?

A course offers understudies the valuable chance to gain some business abilities by imparting in them involved abilities. Normal choices incorporate carpentry and joinery, upholstery, painting, plumbing, welding, carpentry, specialist, and accounting.



Finally, in accordance with advice, on What is the best combined nine subjects for WAEC? select your offered courses first, followed by your borrowed ones. so that, unless you have good reasons to skip any exam, you can do well on all of them. Please save this page as a bookmark for later use. Thanks for reading though What is the best combined nine subjects for WAEC?