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Approved And Best 2023 WAEC Marketing Questions.

Approved And Best 2023 WAEC Marketing Questions.

Approved And Best 2023 WAEC Marketing Questions.- 2023 WAEC Marketing Questions: You’ve come to the right place if you’re a candidate looking for WAEC Marketing Questions. We put in a lot of effort to guarantee that each audience study contains accurate data.

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Approved And Best 2023 WAEC Marketing Questions.

1) An element of the marketing mix is________

A. Processes
B. Place
C. Packaging
D. Production

2) The middlemen that buys in bulk and sells in bit is __

A. A retailer
B. An agent
C. A wholesaler
D. A broker

3) The amount of money charged for a _

A. Fare
B. Price
C. Revenue
D. Cash

4) An example of transportation document that is used or local trade is_______

A. Waybill
B. Certificate of origin
C. Consular invoice
D. Bill of lading

5) A pricing strategy in which the nuyer and seller bargain to reach an agreement on the price of a product is_______

A. Cost-plus
B. Haggling
C. Skimming pricing
D. Penetration pricing

6) The elements that make up marketing planning are_________

i. Situation analysis
ii. Market share
iii. Marketing objective
iv. Marketing strategy
v. Action programme

A. i, ii, iii, iv only
B. i, ii, iii, v, only
C. i, ii, iv, v, only
D. i, iii, iv, v, only

7) The process of collecting and analyzing information about the external marketing environment is________

A. Environmental management
B. Marketing research
C. Market segmentation
D. Marketing management

8) Which of the following behaviors would satisfied customer exhibit?

A. Buy similar products from other companies
B. Pay attention to other companies’ product advertisement
C. Talk favorably about the purchased products
D. Recommend competing products for buying

9) Which of the following is not an example of institutional consumers?

A. Schools
B. Hospitals
C. Hotels
D. Households

10) Which of the following sales promotional tool is used to encourage wholesalers and retailers? (Approved And Best 2023 WAEC )

A. Sample pack
B. Bonus pack
C. Premium offer
D. Price discount

11) Which of the following consumer buying behaviors requires the least efforts?

A. Impulse buying
B. Routine buying
C. New buying
D. High buying

12) An example of nondurable goods is __

A. Shoe
B. Bread
C. Television
D. Refrigerator

13) E-marketing is also called __

A. Direct purchasing
B. Electronic banking
C. E- mail order
D. Internet business

14) A product that has undergone processing is_______

A. An intangible product
B. A primary product
B. An extractive product
D. A secondary product

15) Which of the following items is a primary product?

A. Sugar
B. Noodles
C. Fresh tomatoes

16) The formation of a strategy to attain established marketing objectives is __

A. Marketing concept
B. Market forecast
C. Market demand
D. Marketing planning

17) A reduction in general personal income which leads to a change in a company’s pricing strategy is an element of the_______

A. Competitive environment
B. Political environment
C. Economic environment
D. Technological environment

Approved And Best 2023 WAEC Marketing Questions.

18) Marketing activities carried out in more than one country is_____________

A. International marketing
B. National marketing
C. Home trade
D. Entrepot trade

19) Individual or films that enhance business activities but do not participate directly in the business are_______

A. Market unions
B. Market facilitators
C. Wholesalers
D. Retailers

20) The body formed by sellers of a common product in a local market is an example of __

A. Market union
B. Manufacturer’s association
C. Trade union
D. Consumer’s association

21) The cheapest mode of transportating imported cars from America to Nigeria is by _

A. Air
B. Road
C. Water
D. Rail

22) The part of an advertising leaflet that introduces the message of the advertisement is _

A. Margin
B. Headline
C. Cut-out
D. Photograph

23) Which of the following channels of distribution would a producer who wants to control its unit price use?

A. Producer / Consumer
B. Producer / Retailer / Consumer
C. Producer / Wholesaler / Retailer / Consumer
D. Producer / Agent / Retailer / Consumer

Approved And Best 2023 WAEC Marketing Questions.

24) An advertising media with the highest coverage area is __

A. Billboard
B. Catalogue
C. Magazine
D. Television

25) All individuals and units that buy goods for personal use constitute the_______

A. Industrial market
B. Consumer market
C. Government market
D. Re-seller market

26) Which of the following activities is not a function of a merchandiser?

A. Displaying products in the best location
B. ldentifying potential new accounts
C. Maintaining and increasing shelf space
D. Cleaning and displaying of products

27) The differentiation of a firm’s product from other competing goods is__________

A. Packaging
B. Labelling
C. Coding
D. Branding

Approved And Best 2023 WAEC Marketing Questions.

28) A disadvantages of warehousing is that it_____

A. Encourage hoarding of goods to create scarcity
B. Ensure the availability of goods when needed
C. Helps to protect goods from damages
D. Ensures availability of storage facility for goods

29) An element of the external marketing environment is_____________

A. Organizational policy
B. Company procedures
C. Corporate culture
D. Economic indices

30) A short term tool used in boosting turnover is________

A. Sales promotion
B. Mass media
C. Personal selling
D. E-marketing

31) Which of the following option is not a function of a warehouse?

A. To increase the price of goods
B. Store goods for consumption purpose
C. Store goods till when needed for supply
D. Stabilization of price of goods

32) The willingness and ability to identify business opportunity, establish and operate it successfully is________

A. Distribution
B. Wholesaling
C. Entrepreneurship
D. Purchasing

33) An internal source of fund for an entrepreneur is__________

A. Bank loan
B. Overdraft
C. Trade credit
D. Retained earnings

34) An example of long-term source of fund for an entrepreneur is____________

A. Debenture
B. Trade credits
C. Overdraft
D. Customer advances

35) The idea that consumers will prefer goods and services that are available and affordable is_____________

A. Selling concept
B. Product concept
C. Production concept
D. Marketing concept

36) Which of the following alternatives is a purpose of marketing concept?

A. Consumer satisfaction
B. Product quality
C. Sales volume
D. Production volume

37) Marketers are involved in production process because____________

A. They also work in the factory floor
B. Their ideas are developed into products
C. They set product price
D. They purchase raw materials for production

38) If the unit cost price of a product is #90 and sold at a profit margin of 50%, what is the selling price?

A. #45
B. #90
C. #135
D. #180

39) A company that sells its goods directly in foreign countries is engaging in________

A. Exportation
B. Importation
C. Franchising
D. Licencing

40) A function of market union in a local market is to_____________

A. Defend members at law court
B. Offer bank loan to members
C. Transport products on behalf of members
D. Establish common price for their products



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