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Authentic CRS jamb questions and answers 2023

Authentic CRS jamb questions and answers 2023

Authentic CRS jamb questions and answers 2023. This site has been made to assist all candidates with 2023 JAMB CRS questions and answers. We have assisted many students with accomplishing remarkable outcomes. With our technique as applied to each of the 2023 JAMB Candidates it will be vastly improved as both questions and answers would be given a serious candidate would go vividly excessive miles to see his or her prosperity on the exam. However, nobody would be glad to say I’m going to re-compose jamb one year from now.
Furthermore, this may be the main opportunity you could need to make your CRS great by going through this post.


Professionalmarks.com is ready to offer you so much information about WASC, NECO, and GCE for both WASC and NECO, NABTEB, etc. Again here are detailed past exams questions and answers and tentative current year questions and answers to prepare for your exams. The followings are the authentic CRS jamb questions and answer for 2023

Authentic CRS jamb questions and answers 2023

1) “In the beginning,” God A. created man in his own image B. made the firmament and separated the waters C. created the heavens and the earth D. created the plants and animals

2) Terah and his family set out from Ur of the Chaldeans to A. Egypt B. Canaan C. Edom D. Philistia

3) Jacob sent Joseph to his brothers at Shechem in order to A. direct them to a new pasture B. find out how they were faring C. take their clothes to them D. bring one of the sheep back home

4) “I am who I am”. God told Moses this when he A. was living in Pharaohs palace B. went out to look at his peoples burden C. sacrifice by Abraham on Mount moriah D. was pasturing the flock in the wilderness of Horeb

Authentic CRS jamb questions and answers 2023

5) “…and when I see the blood, I will pass over you…” This statement ws made in connection with A. election of Israel at Sinai B. deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt C. sat sown by a well at Midian D. crossing of the red sea

6) During the election of Israel at mount Sinai, God promised to A. give them the land of Canaan B. deliver them from the hands of their enemies C. make them his own possession D. give them the Ten Commandments

7) Moses sent spies to the land Canaan to find out A. whether the inhabitants were strong or weak B. the type of food the inhabitants eat C. whether the inhabitants were rich or poor D. the type of occupation of the inhabitants

8) Which of the following best describes the state of affairs in Jericho as revealed by Rehab to the spies? The __ A. inhabitants had vowed to defeat Jericho B. the inhabitants were considering an alliance with Ai C. the city wall wre being strengthened to withstand all attacks D. the people convinced that the Lord had given the Land to Joshua

Authentic CRS jamb questions and answers 2023

9) In a holy war, all the booty were A. given to God B. taken by the warriors C. sent to the priest D. sent to the poor

10) Which of the following is not true of Deborah? She A. was a judge B.killed Jabin C. was a prophetess D. helped Barak

11) Gideon led the Israelites to defeat the A. Moabites B. Ammonites C. Midianites D. Amalekites

12) Eli was to die with his family because A. he was advanced in years B. the family could not fight the Philistines C. he did not discipline his children D. The family failed to purify Yahwehism

13) How did Samuel react to Israel’s request for a king? A. He granted their request with diligence B. He consulted Saul about it C. Samuel advised the elders to reconsider their request D. Samuel was displeased and consulted God

14) To the Israelites, the statement “An evil spirit from the Lord tormented him” meant that A. God caused everything B. Saul deserved to the punishment C. evil spirits come from God D. Saul was sick

15) Uzzah was killed when the Ark was taken to Jerusalem because he A. stumbled and fell down B. had not purified himself C. took hold of it D. deserted and went back home

Authentic CRS jamb questions and answers 2023

16) The prophet God sent to point out David’s sins to him was A. Samuel B. Ahijah C. Nathan D. Elijah

17) David bought the land upon which the temple was built from A. Arauna the Jebusite B. Gerah from Jattir C. Beni the Gadite D. Zelek the Ammonite

18) According to David God would make Solomon prosperous in life on condition that he would_____ A. desist from marrying foreign women B. destroy all the high places and pillars C. keep his statues, commandments and ordinances D. judge his people with fairness and justice

19) Biblical writers did not give Omri due recognition because he____ A. did not promote Yahwehism B. built Samaria as his capital C. did not pursue foreign policy D. ascended the throne illegally

20) The prophet who never prophesied anything good concerning Ahab was A. Elijah B. Elisha C. Ahijah D. Micaiah

21) Elisha wept when Hazael stood before him because he_____ A. thought that Hazael would slay Benhadad B. knew that Benhadad would die of his illness C. foresaw the destruction Hazael would bring upon Israel D. knew that Hazael would slay Ahab in battle

Authentic CRS jamb questions and answers 2023

22) However, “I anoint you king over the people of the Lord, over Israel”. Jehu reacted to these word by killing A. Jezebel in the city B. JEHORAM AND AHAZIAH C. the prophet of Baal D. the royal family in Israel

23) King Manasseh burnt his son as an offering in order to A. teach Judah a Lesson B. promote foreign worship in Judah C. displease the Assyrians D.abolish soothsaying and augury

24) According to Amos, the woman of Samaria were to suffer God’s judgment because they____ A. Sold the poor for the price of a pair of sandals B. had grown fat like the well fed-cows of Baashan C. induced the priests who offered sacrifice and look brides D. oppressed their husbands with unreasonable demands

25) Amos demanded that what God demanded Israel was A. sacrifice and B. Tithes and songs C. Justice and righteousness D. holy feast and Sabbaths

Authentic CRS jamb questions and answers 2023

26) Central to the teaching of Hosea is __ A. holiness of God B. justice and righteousness of GB. Tithes and songs C. steadfast love D. power of God

27) Which of the following was a son of Isaiah A. Jezreel B. Not-Pitied C. Not-My-People D. Shear-Jashud

28) Jeremiah’s vision of a branch of an almond indicated that A. evil will come into Judah from the North B. God was watching over his word to perform it C. The arm of the Lord is strong to save D. God is righteous and has no pleasure in the sinner’s death

29) Which of the following prophesied about the valley of dry bones? A. Nehemiah B. Isaiah C. Ezekiel D. Jeremiah

30) Which of following people was asked by God to build a house for the dead? A. Darius B. Paul C. Nebuchadnezzar D. Cyrus

Authentic CRS jamb questions and answers 2023

31) The group of people who did not believe in the resurrection of the dead was A. Scribes B. Zealots C. Sadducees D. Pharisees

32) The synagogues wre introduced as places of worship as a result of A. Increasing number of Jewish worshippers B. absence of high places C. Gentiles who joined in the Jewish worship D. absence of the temple

33) Which of the following statements is not true of the Zealots? They A. wre a national movements B. worked openly to end Roman rule C. had one master-the God of Israel D. did not believe in the resurrection of the dead

34) Matthew is the gospel of the Jews because he A. presents Jesus as a teacher B. shows that Jesus performed miracles C. treats the gospel as a fulfillment of the Old Testament. D. shows keen interest in the return of Jesus.

35) Joseph and Mary travelled from Nazareth to Bethlehem so as to A. celebrate the Passover B. be counted C. have and engagement D. visit their family

Authentic CRS jamb questions and answers 2023

Authentic CRS jamb questions and answers 2023

36) Also In connection with the Grain field incident on the Sabbath, Jesus taught that A. he had come to fulfill the law and the prophesy B. true worshippers must worship God in spirit and truth C. the love of God must match with the love of neighbours D. the law must be subservient to human needs

37) “Let it be so now, for it is fitting to fulfill all righteousness” Jesus made this statement during A. his first visit to the synagogue B. his baptism in the Jordan C. the healing of blind Bartimaeus D. his first visit to the temple

38) Thereafter healing the leper, Jesus asked him to show himself to he priest in order to____ A. offer for cleansing what Moses commanded B. Go to the temple for prayer C. enable him to go back to the family D. collect a certificate for cleansing

39) In the parable of the sower, the seed which fell among the thorns represent those who A. hear the word and forget B. willingly refuse to hear the word C. keep the message to themselves D. hear the word but bear no fruit

40) Which of following is found in all the synoptic gospels A. healing of the leper B. the feeding of the four thousand C. the feeding of the five thousand D. healing of Jarius’ daughter

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Above is the Authentic CRS jamb questions 2023. For us, they stand as a JAMB expo. questions and answers This is because they are always repeated. So, do your exam preparations with them. It’s advised you to keep on following this site for more questions and answers to be added. So, if you bookmark this page you will always be updated.

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