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CITN Membership Requirements: How to become a member

CITN Membership Requirements: How to become a member

CITN Membership Requirements: How to become a member – The Institute is chartered by the Federal Government of Nigeria. This is by an enabling Act No. 76 of 1992 (now CITN Act, CAP C10, Vol. 2, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004). By this Act it was charged with the responsibility, among others, of determining what standards of knowledge and skills are to be attained by persons seeking to become a professional Tax Practitioner or Administrator.

As a matter of fact, there are three main categories of membership. These are Fellows, Associates and Graduates.
Related to these are issues for membership admission requirements. Therefore, the direct membership requirements and students requirement are important here. Other associated issues are CITN membership registration and subscriptions fees. Then are issues of exemptions especially for ICAN members direct membership. All of these re covered in this post. Many re covered in our highlighted topics which you must click to get the full information.

The Post Pocus:

CITN is a Tax Administrators and Practitioners Institute that determines the standards of knowledge and skills to be attained by persons seeking to be a professional tax-practitioner in Nigeria. Therefore, this has generated many questions among the would be students and members. Therefore, people ask; how do I become a member of the CITN? Others ask, how do I register for Chartered Institute of Taxation in Nigeria? Others questions are, how long does it take to complete CITN? And,
what are the roles of CITN in the development of taxation in Nigeria? Because, these questions are here and are constituting a big challenge in the professional world, we write to bring answers as solutions to you.

As a matter of fact, this subject matter is a large one. Therefore, our approach to cover it is also very broad. In this regard, there re such highlighted topics you must read too. So, we ask you to click on the highlighted items for broader knowledge on this subject matter.


There are procedure for becoming members of CITN. These procedures re explained here with reference to the class of membership. This is because there are admission procedures for students who will graduate and become associate members. And there are other procedure for direct membership. So, majorly these re the two procedures covered here. This is because Fellowship membership are always the Associate members who qualify to become fellows.

Registration Procedure:

If you are applying for admission as a student member, you must do that on the prescribed form. This requires an undertaking on your part to abide by the rules laid down by the council from time to time. Therefore, you must produce satisfactory evidence of age, with photocopies of your educational certificates.

On the other hand, the Council reserves the right to grant or refuse your application or to terminate your registration for certain reasons. Then, if you re successful you shall be required to pay the prescribed annual-subscription fee for the year. At this point you shall be allocated a student number. Thereafter, you must quote this number in full in all communications with the Institute.

Graduate Members:
Furthermore, you become a graduate member when you had passed the prescribed examinations of the Institute. However, before your final upgrade into Associate membership cadre, you as a graduate members must have acquired practical experience in tax practicing firms as required by Council. The minimum period of full practical experience is 18 months. And this may be acquired before or after qualification.

CITN Membership Requirements: How to become a member

Associate Members:

In this regard, in accordance with the Charter and Rules and Regulations of the Institute, you re to be admitted as an Associate on application. And you must do this if you are a graduate member of the Institute and has acquired the relevant tax experience. Or you are admitted through direct application into the Institute’s membership

As a matter of fact, you must be admitted as an associate member on application, if you are a graduate member of the Institute. And if you have acquired the relevant tax experience. And, if you have completed any of the recognized examinations of the Institute. However, if you re a members of any other professional bodies, like ICAN, you will be admitted after you’ve served a specific period either in tax-practice or administration.

Fellowship Membership:

Do you want to be a fellow of CITN? Then, this conferment of Fellowship is obtained after you must have satisfied the Council that as an Associate-member of the Institute, you’ve acquired at least 5 years cognate experience either in tax practice or administration.

Therefore, associate members who wish to advance to fellowship may do so by meeting the above conditions. You, then will satisfy the council that your work has been closely connected with and of direct relevance to Nigeria-Taxation for an unbroken period of at least five (5) years prior to such application as fellow. In the alternative, a total qualifying period of at least five (5) years prior to such application may be considered. This must prove that the 5 years in questions falls within a period not exceeding ten (10) years immediately prior to such application for admission as a fellow.

CITN Membership Requirements in Nigeria

The Mandatory Professional Training Program (MPTP):

This is a compulsory training programs for members. Therefore, members re advised that it is compulsory for them to earn a minimum of 35 credit hours in a year. This you must obtain through participating in various tax education and other activities of the institute. You may be penalized if you do not earn up to these stipulated credit hours.

CITN Membership Requirements: How to become a member

Direct Membership Admission:

As stated above, membership can also be obtained through direct admission. However, there are conditions for this. Therefore, the following are the approved criteria to become a member of the Institute through direct membership:

  1. Accredited Nigerian Professional Institutions i.e. ICAN and ANAN with 1 year post membership experience;
  2. Staff of State Boards of Internal Revenue i.e. on Grade level 10 and above on Senior Inspector Cadre or Asst. Manager Tax with Federal Inland Revenue Service with two (2) years post promotion experience and must have passed the JTB/FIRS final examination.
  3. Lawyers with three (3) years post call to bar and cognate experience.

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Summing Up on CITN Membership Requirements: How to become a member

I know that, CITN Membership Requirements: How to become a member is a good topic for you. It has also given solutions to questions like How do you become CITN member and what are the requirements for CITN registration. And, which one is better ICAN or CITN or ACCA or ANAN? We have in this post provided related post to deal with these, pleas click accordingly to get more knowledge on the subject matter.

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