How to Apply for Nigerian Bar Association Membership & Requirements. That is what this post is all about. So, do you want to become a member of Nigerian Bar Association? Here are the requirements. In this series are membership requirements for:

The Nigerian Bar Association is a non-profit organization. It’s an umbrella professional association of all lawyers admitted to the bar in Nigeria. One of its functions is to promote and protect human rights. It also emphasizes on the rule of law and good governance in Nigeria. In fact, the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) was established for the purpose of regulating the affairs and conduct of all legal practitioners in Nigeria. So, upon being called to the Nigerian Bar, there is automatic membership to the NBA on a lawyer.

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How to become a member?

To qualify for verification you have to meet the following requirements stated here below.

  • Call to Bar certificate (Original or Photocopy)
  • Means of Identification (i.e International Passport, Drivers’ Licence or National Identity card)
  • Proof of payment of Bar Practice fees (if paid offline)
  • Proof of payment of Branch Dues (if paid offline)
  • Evidence of Change of Name (if any)

For further inquiries please contact your local National Bar Association or or click here to verify

The Bar:

In addition, in many Commonwealth jurisdictions, including England and Wales, the “bar association” comprises lawyers who are qualified as barristers or advocates (collectively known as “the bar”, or “members of the bar”). Then, the “law society” comprises solicitors. As a matter of fact, these bodies are sometimes mutually exclusive. However, in other jurisdictions, the “bar” may refer to the entire community of persons engaged in the practice of law.


Furthermore, Judges may or may not be members of the bar. Etymologically, they sit “on the bench”. This is so that the cases which come before them are “at bar” or “at bench”. Many states in the United States require that some or all judges be members of the bar. In this case this limits or completely prohibits the judges from practicing law while serving as a judge.

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How to Apply for Nigerian Bar Association Membership & Requirements

Functions of Nigerian Bar Association:

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  • Maintenance and defence of the integrity and independence of the Bar and the Judiciary
  • Promote timely and affordable access to Justice
  • Promote and support law reform initiatives
  • And then to promote and protect the principles of the Rule of Law and respect for Human Rights
  • Promote and advance quality and functional Legal Education, Continuing Legal Education, Advocacy and Progressive Jurisprudence.
  • Maintenance of the highest standards of professional conduct, etiquette and discipline among lawyers.
  • Promote networking opportunities among the members of the Association, International Organisations, as well as associations from other countries.
  • Promote the welfare, security, economic, and professional advancement of Legal Practitioners in Nigeria.
  • Create and maintain an Endowment fund for the proper observance and discharge of any of these aims.

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How to Apply for Nigerian Bar Association Membership & Requirements

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