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Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA): How to become a Member.

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA): How to become a Member.

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA): How to become a Member. Do you want to make a profession in an arm of accounting? This is an opportunity to become one. CIMA is the world’s largest professional body of management accountants. It offers the most relevant accounting qualifications for a career in business. Therefore, if you are considering a career in business and finance, then CIMA qualification will open doors with employers for you all over the world.

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants is the global professional management accounting body. It’s based out of the UK. CIMA offers training and qualification in management accountancy and related subjects. In fact, it’s focused on accountants working in the industry. It also provides ongoing support and training for members. Do you want to become one, then read on.

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Management accountants lead businesses to success. CIMA is the first and only global professional body for Chartered Management Accountants. In fact, it’s recognized as the most relevant financial qualification for business today. And, this is why we have here details on how you may become a member. Therefore, here are the requirements on how to become a Member. So, please read on.

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CGMA Competency Framework:

Furthermore, the updated Practical Experience Requirements are based on the CGMA Competency Framework. In fact, this is embedded in the CIMA Professional Qualification. As a matter of fact, the framework consists of four knowledge areas, which are;

  • Technical Skills,
  • Business Skills,
  • People Skills and
  • Leadership Skills

In fact, all of these re underpinned by Ethics, Integrity and Professionalism.

As a matter of fact, the Framework shows the range of technical, accounting and finance skills that management accountants need for their jobs. However, finance professionals have further need which include;

  • business skills in order to understand and apply their technical skills in a business context;
  • people skills to influence the decisions, actions and behaviours of the organisation and business stakeholders through effective communication;
  • leadership skills at various levels to lead their peers and those whose work they oversee to deliver business objectives.
  • Through the submission of your PER application, you need to demonstrate that you have successfully developed skills and have been able to effectively apply your knowledge and skills to real-world business situations.
Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA): How to become a Member.

The requirements on Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA): How to become a Member.

  • A minimum of 36 months’ experience is required across the four knowledge areas. That’s, with a maximum of 60 months to be evidenced.
  • At least four competency categories must be selected between Technical and Business skills. And with at least one from each covering the minimum 36 months
  • Then, at least 18 months must be at the intermediate, advanced and/or expert levels.
  • The remaining 18 months can be gained across foundational, intermediate, advanced and expert levels.
  • And, then, a minimum of one competency category each from People and Leadership skills over 36 months.

These should be in the context of the technical and business skills and can be gained across foundational, intermediate, advanced or expert levels.
However, where you have more than five years’ relevant experience:

You should upload detailed evidence for a maximum of five years’ experience.
The remaining experience (outside of the five years) should be recorded in your Career Progression Summary.

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Summing up on Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA): How to become a Member.

CIMA is one of the fastest growing professional accountancy body in Nigeria. CIMA was established in 1977. Then, incorporated in 1989. And, again, the bill requesting to establish CIMA was passed by Nigerian Senate on 4/11/2010 . Click here to register.

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