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WAEC Christian Religious Studies Questions: 2022/2023 LATEST UPDATE is here

WAEC Christian Religious Studies Questions: 2022/2023 LATEST UPDATE is here

WAEC Christian Religious Studies Questions: 2022/2023 Latest Update Is Here. WAEC CRK answers and questions Objectives and Essay are dealt with here in detail. The Waec Crk questions and answers below on Christian Religious Knowledge have been provided to assist candidates to understand the required standards expected in WAEC Crk SSCE Examination. Note that below is the questions from WAEC Crk past questions and answers that we feel are likely questions for exam preparation.

PAPER 1: Will consist of fifty multiple-choice objective questions all of which must be answered within 1 hour for 40 marks.

PAPER 2: This Will consist of nine essay-type questions. Candidates will be required to answer four questions within 2 hours for 60 marks.

WAEC Christian Religious Studies Questions: 2022/2023 LATEST UPDATE is here

The Revised Standard Version of the Bible will be used in the setting of questions.

  1. Jesus Christ was baptized in the River Jordan by

A. Mathew

B. John

C. Jeremiah

D. Mary Magdalene

ANSWER: B (John)

  1. David took Jerusalem from

A. The Jebusites

B. The Philistines

C. The Ammonites

D. Edomites

ANSWER: (The Jebusites)

  1. Where did the Lord appear to Solomon in a dream?

A. Horeb


C. Gath

D. Jericho

ANSWER: B (Gibeon)

  1. The division of David’s kingdom was a direct consequence of

A. Absalom’s revolt

B. Jeroboam’s revolt

C. Solomon’s forced labour

D. Rehoboam’s unwise decision

ANSWER: D (Rehoboam’s unwise decision)

  1. When Zerubbabel and Joshua the son of Jozadak began to rebuild the house of God which was in Jerusalem they were assisted by ____________

A. Haggai and Zachariah

B. Mithredath and Tobael

C. The prophets of God in Jerusalem

D. The priest of God in Jerusalem

ANSWER: C (The prophets of God in Jerusalem)

  1. What does the word “Cup” mean in the book of Matthew? It means

A. Water container for drinking

B. cup of blessing from God

C. metaphor referring to suffering

D. metaphor referring to crucifixion

ANSWER: C (metaphor referring to suffering)

  1. The disciples were called Christian for the first time in

A. Samaria

B. Ephesus

C. Antioch

D. Caesarea

ANSWER: C (Antioch)

  1. The law books used for the great reformation of Israel’s social and religious institution were found in the temple in 621 BC during the reign of

A. Hezekiah

B. Josiah

C. Moses

D. Ahab

ANSWER: B (Josia)

  1. Amos told the Israelites that they have turned justice into

A. injustices

B. poison

C. wormwood

D. anguish

ANSWER: C (wormwood)

  1. According to Hosea, Israel’s relationship with God is that of

A. A faithful wife with a faithless husband.

B. The love between a woman and her husband.

C. A faithless wife and a loving husband.

D. A repentant wife and her forgiving husban

WAEC Christian Religious Studies Questions: 2022/2023 LATEST UPDATE is here

  1. King Josiah was regarded as a defender of the Jewish religion because he

A. Killed all the priests of Baal.

B. Converted all the worshipers of Baal.

C. Built a new temple in Jerusalem.

D. Reformed the corrupt religion of Israel.

  1. When David was informed that the child born to him by Bethsheba had died, he

A. Sought Nathan’s counsel on what to do.

B. Anointed himself and worshipped the Lord.

C. Wept throughout the day.

D. Tore his robe and went to his house.

  1. Which of the following tribes accompanied Deborah and Barak to the war against Jabin and Sisera?

A. Ephraim and Dan

B. Naphtali and Zebulun

C. Issachar and Reuben

D. Ephraim and Benjamin

  1. The place where Moses experienced that the burning bush was not consumed was

A. Meriba.

B. Horeb.

C. Bethel.

D. Nebo.

  1. The wives of David who were taken captives by the Amalekites were __

A. Adnah and Ahiah

B. Ahinoam and Abigail

C. Abijah and Abiasaph

D. Adaiah and Adalia.

  1. Where were Achan and all the members of his family stoned and burned to death because he stole the devoted things of God? They were killed at the valley of _
    A. Hebron

B. Achor

C. Jordan

D. Jezreel.

WAEC Christian Religious Studies Questions: 2022/2023 LATEST UPDATE is here

  1. When Nehemiah heard that the walls of Jerusalem have been broken down and the gates destroyed by fire, what did he do?
    A. wept and mourned for many days

B. continued fasting and praying before God

C. confessed the sins of the people of Israel

D. blamed the people of Israel for forsaking God.

  1. The lions in the den did not hurt Daniel because _

A. God shut the mouths of the lions

B. Daniel was the servant of the living God

C. God found Daniel blameless before him

D. God sent his angels to protect Daniel.

  1. Why did Isaiah in his vision describe the Israelites as the rebellious children of God?

A. Israel was a sinful nation

B. Israel worshipped other gods

C. they were offspring of evildoers

D. they were people laden with iniquity.

  1. Jesus condemned the tradition of “Corban” because it _

A. was a term of abuse in Israel

B. meant that one should not swear

C. contradicted one’s obligation to parents

D. they were people laden with iniquity.

  1. In the Sermon on the Mount, who did Jesus say will inherit the earth? He meant the __

A. peacemakers

B. merciful

C. meek

D. pure in heart.

  1. “Go for he is a chosen instrument of mine to carry my name before the Gentiles and Kings and sons of Israel.” These were the words of God to _
    A. Hannah

B. Ananias

C. Barnabas

D. Paul.

WAEC Christian Religious Studies Questions: 2022/2023 LATEST UPDATE is here

  1. What reward will those who forgave men who sin against them receive from God?

A. they will receive a crown of life

B. God will forgive them of their sins

C. they will enter into God’s Kingdom

D. Christ will also forgive them.

  1. According to Luke, Jesus sent the seventy others on missions as _

A. labourers and reapers

B. lambs in the midst of wolves

C. preachers of the kingdom of God

D. messengers in the vineyard.

  1. “Master, it is well that we are here, let us make three booths, one for you, and one for Moses, and one for Elijah.” According to Luke, Peter made this statement because _

A. the place was good for habitation

B. they have no home to live in

C. the son of man had no home of his own

D. they were exceedingly afraid.

WAEC Christian Religious Studies Questions: 2022/2023 LATEST UPDATE is here

WAEC Christian Religious Studies Questions: 2022/2023 LATEST UPDATE is here

  1. Who did King Nebuchadnezzar make king in his stead in Jerusalem?

A. Jehoachim

B. Mattaniah

C. Zedekiah

D. Jeremiah

  1. Who among the Kings of Israel invented the instrument of music? He was _

A. Saul

B. David

C. Solomon

D. Jeroboam

  1. Who accused the four Jewish youths maliciously before the king of not worshipping the golden image in Babylon? They were accused by the __

A. Chief eunuch

B. King’s guard

C. Chaldeans

D. Chief Servant

  1. “Ah, Lord God! Behold, I do not know how to speak for I am only a youth.” The statement was made by prophet _

A. Amos

B. Isaiah

C. Ezekiel

D. Jeremiah.

 Theory Questions:


  1. 1Kings 16:29 – 33,18:1-19
    (a) Give an account of the meeting between Elijah and Obadiah.
    (b) What two lessons can be learned from the encounter?
    ANS: Points include (i) The introduction of Baal worship in Israel by Jezebel Ahab’s wife.
    (ii) This brought famine to Israel for three and half years.
    (iii) Obadiah’s the man in charge of Ahab’s household fed one hundred prophets of God.
    (iv) While Obadiah was searching for water, he met Elijah.
    (v) He asked Obadiah to report his presence to the king.
  2. (a) How did Solomon first apply his wisdom?
    (b) In what three ways can God’s wisdom be applied?
  3. Exodus 3, 4: 1-17
    (a) Describe the call of Moses
    (b)Mention three excuses Moses gave against the call.
  4. (a) Narrate the events leading to Gehazi’s acquisition of leprosy.
    (b) State two lessons that can be derived from the story.


  1. 1st Peter 5:5-11
    (a) Highlight Peter’s teaching on Humility.
    (b) Identify any three qualities of a humble person.
  2. Matthew 4: 1 -11
    (a) Give the account of the temptation of Jesus as recorded in Matthew’s Gospel.
    (b)State three points of significance in this story.

7(a) Outline the teaching of James on partiality.
(b) Give three reasons why Christians should avoid partiality.


  1. 2Cor 9:1-15
    (a) Highlight the teaching of Paul on Christian giving as contained in Corinthians.
    (b) In what two ways can people benefit from giving?
    ANS: Some vital points are:
    (i) The gifts sent to Paul were fragrant offerings, a sacrifice pleasing and acceptable to God.
    (ii) That God would provide for their needs according to His riches and glory.
    (iii) He was proud and boasted of the gifts to the Macedonians.
    (iv) Paul said he who sows sparingly will reap sparingly and vice versa.
  2. 2Thess. 3:6-15
    (a) Give Paul’s teaching on “dignity of labour” in Thessalonians.
    (b) What four lessons can be derived from this teaching?

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Summing Up on WAEC Christian Religious Studies Questions: 2022/2023 LATEST UPDATE is here

The WAEC CRK questions and answers are here. In fact, these questions and answers for Christian Religious Knowledge have been provided to assist you to understand the required standards expected of you in WAEC CRK SSCE Examination. I hope you enjoyed it.

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