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How to become ANAN-Certified Professional Accountant.

How to become ANAN-Certified Professional Accountant.

How to become ANAN-Certified Professional Accountant – ANAN is the acronym for Association of National Accountants of Nigeria, As a matter of fact, there are specified requirements and qualifications for becoming ANAN-certified professional accountant. These involve student professional qualifying activities, professional exams and direct admissions via a membership induction exercise. Related to all of these are ANAN registration portal, study centres and www.anan.org.ng result.

The Focus of this Article:

The knowledge about How to become ANAN-Certified Professional Accountant is becoming a challenge. And the solution to this is the focus of this post. This is because people still continue to ask, How do I register for ANAN in Nigeria? Or, What is the difference between ANAN and ICAN? And in fact, if ANAN is internationally Recognized.

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Association of National Accountants of Nigeria, ANAN.

In Nigeria, there are ways to become a certified or chartered accountant. As a matter of fact, one of such ways is through registration with the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria, ANAN. This admission is open for the public. However, those working in the civil service prefer the ANAN pathway for becoming a Chartered accountant.

Furthermore, ANAN has a certified training school. This has become a promoter for ANAN. This school is The Nigerian College of Accountancy. It’s a graduate-level school where registered students are taught the whole regiment of becoming an internationally reputable accountant. Students graduate by passing the professional exams after nine months of intensive studies. This must be followed by their membership inductions.

How to become ANAN-Certified Professional Accountant.

The Nigerian College of Accountancy

As a matter of fact, The Nigerian College of Accountancy is the training arm of ANAN. This college started operations in 1984 in Plateau state, However, it actually became a nationally recognized accounting professional institution in 1993. This year coincidentally was the year the ANAN Act was signed into law by the Federal Government.

How to become an ANAN-certified accountant:

Do you want to become an ANAN-certified accountant? If yes, then follow us in considering the procedure as narrated below.

  • Become a student at the college and pass the professional exams in a 9 months minimum period.
  • Attend a two-years mandatory accountant in training ( AIT program)
  • Participate in the induction exercise of becoming an ANAN member

Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (MCPD)

ANAN believes that knowledge and education must be a continuous exercise. So, it has in place a system of mandatory training annually. This is known as Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (MCPD). This training program is meant to update members with new innovations and practices in the Accounting profession.

Registration Eligibility

  1. You must have a first degree, B.Sc, in accounting from an accredited Nigerian University. Or from any approved University abroad
  2. HND graduates from any approved Polytechnic in Nigeria also qualify to apply
  3. B.Sc/HND graduates from related courses can also apply. However, this group of applicants will only be admitted into the conversion program before undertaking the professional exams.

As a matter of fact, allied courses include Economics, Business Administration, Management, and Banking and finance.


Application procedures are as follows:

  • Must meet the entry requirements
  • Get the application form from the College of Accountancy, Kwall in Bassa LGA, near Jos.
  • Or via National Secretariat of ANAN, at 250, Harbert Macauley Street, Yaba, Lagos.
  • Or The ANAN Liason office in Abuja
  • And gain from centers/campuses in some cities like Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Maiduguri, Awka, and Uyo.
  • You can also apply online.

Then you will be able to pay the current application fee at the time of application payable to Nigeria College of Accountancy, Jos.

Furthermore, the obtained application form must be filled and return to the Nigerian College of Accountancy, Jos. The application form should be sent together with a self-addressed envelope a with the stipulated stamp affixed to it. In addition, all other admission requirements are listed on the application form.

Graduate Conversion program on How to become ANAN-Certified Professional Accountant.

Now, if you are a graduate of any accounting related course, this program is for you. Therefore, if you are a graduate of Economics, Banking and finance etc. you can apply for conversion so that you start your journey of being a certified ANAN Accountant. In fact, if you are admitted under this scheme you will be full-time students for a minimum of nine months. This will enable you write and pass eight courses to qualify as a certified accountant. You will also have the opportunity of re-sitting any failed course.

Academic structure of the college:

Lectures are held from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm every day

Matured Students Programs
This provision is made for gainfully employed individuals. They are termed matured students. In fact, this program is so special in that it’s flexibility takes into consideration the student’s working schedule.

Academic calendar
The academic calendar of the college is nine months for a session. This takes from September to May/June of the next year.

Accountant in Training (AIT) Program
This is the next stage to becoming a certified accountant with ANAN. As a matter of fact it’s a mandatory 2-year program where students are expected to get practical experience in an accounting firm or institution. This is a type of internship program. However, you are free to choose to work in the public sector or private sector. Again if you wish to do it in the private sector you are advised to do it in the offices of an ANAN-certified accountant

However, you may wish to apply for an exemption from the AIT Program if you have had about 3 years post NYSC experience in an accounting firm. In that case, you must have held a senior accounting position for that number of years to qualify for the exemption.

Professional Membership:

This is the stage after the completion of the mandatory two-year AIT program. At this point you can now apply for full professional member of ANAN. As a matter of fact, at this point as a qualified professional member, you are now entitled to use the CNA ( Certified National Accountant) initials after your name.

Furthermore, at this point with your professional license, you now free to establish your own accounting firm and bid for auditing jobs in the biggest firms and government agencies of your choice.

Mandatory Continuing Professional Development (MCPD):

This is a compulsory program designed by ANAN to ensure members maintain and sustain their accounting practices. In fact, this is a 5-day annual event. Again, ANAN members are required to register and pay the stipulated fee. At all times, ANAN members are only required to attend the program at a zone close to them. This is actually spayed across six zones of the federation.

How to become ANAN-Certified Professional Accountant
How to become ANAN-Certified Professional Accountant

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