Outstanding Jobs In The Beauty Industry That Pays Well.-The beauty sector offers a wide variety of prospective vocations, from makeup artists to tanning experts. Even though they are all familiar with fashion and trends, the daily tasks and pay for these specialists vary. You might want to find out more about the kinds of careers you can follow and the potential pay if you’re interested in working in the beauty industry. In this post, we examine various careers in the beauty industry for you to think about, along with their average yearly salaries and usual job responsibilities.

The business that creates and sells cosmetics known as the cosmetics industry. They include haircare products like shampoos, conditioners, and hair colors, as well as color cosmetics like foundation and mascara, skincare products like moisturizers and cleansers, and amenities like bubble baths and soap. Although a limited number of early 20th-century multinational enterprises dominate the production sector, many different companies are involved in the distribution and retail of cosmetics.


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Outstanding Jobs In The Beauty Industry That Pay Well.

For those who enjoy dealing with people and helping them enhance their nails, skin, hair, and cosmetics, the beauty industry may be incredibly fulfilling. In the beauty industry, some positions are entry-level and some require a license. The following is a list of potential careers in the beauty industry:

Consulting in tanning

$24,056 is the average yearly wage in the country.
primary obligations: A tanning consultant works at a tanning salon and offers patrons looking for expert tanning services and customer care. By protecting their clients’ health and safety at all times, tanning consultants walk them through the process of tanning in their salons. They evaluate client requirements, plan client appointments, and clean the tanning booths and associated apparatus. Additionally, they advertise healthcare items like moisturizing creams and oils as well as tanning products like safety glasses.

beauty advisor

National average yearly salary: $28,308
primary obligations: A beauty consultant’s job may be to assist consumers in selecting skincare and makeup items that will work best for them in a retail environment at a cosmetics store or in a beauty store. For those who enjoy aesthetics, this is often an entry-level job without a license. Beauty consultants must be excellent communicators and salespeople because they spend a lot of time on their feet. They can inform their clients about the best skincare and cosmetic techniques because they are educated about current trends.

Salon supervisor

$28,720 per year is the average salary nationwide.
A salon manager’s main responsibility is to supervise the operation of the business and guarantee that clients receive the best possible service. A salon supervisor may be employed at a spa, hair salon, or nail salon. They are usually in charge of recruiting and educating stylists, procuring salon supplies, assigning work schedules and shifts, keeping staff records, enforcing cleanliness and safety regulations, and marketing the salon.

Outstanding Jobs In The Beauty Industry That Pay Well.

specialist in eyelashes

$34,451 is the average yearly wage in the country.
primary obligations: A cosmetic expert who applies semi-permanent eyelashes to their clients’ eyes to improve their eyelashes is known as an eyelash specialist. The protection of their customers is always prioritized by eyelash specialists, who are taught how to handle allergic and unfavorable responses to moderate lashes and who always adhere to proper cleanliness procedures. To help their clients preserve their lash additions and prevent infection or degradation, they are also educated about various adhesives and correct lash care.


$36,116 is the average yearly wage in the country.
primary obligations: Estheticians are qualified professional cosmetologists with a focus on skincare. They assist their consumers by offering facials, dermabrasion, body waxing, laser treatments, Botox administration, and dermal fillers as well as other skin treatments for acne, hair removal, and skin care. Estheticians gain licensure to do procedures including skin condition treatments, skin mapping, exfoliation, and skin peels that cosmetologists are not permitted to perform. When treating patients, these specialists are accountable for comprehending dermatological concepts and adhering to all health and safety regulations.

Technician for nails

$41,899 annually is the average pay in the country.
primary obligations: Nail technicians file, paint, and decorate their clients’ toenails and fingernails as well as add designs, gel, or acrylic nails. Based on whether they specialize in the hands or the feet, certain salons may refer to them as manicurists or pedicurists. During delivery service, a nail technician may be expected to massage the hands and feet, trim away dead skin, and clean the nails in addition to applying cream treatments to the hands and feet.


$43,115 per year is the average pay in the country.
primary obligations: A hairdresser is a beauty expert who styles, cuts, colors, and cleans the hair of their clients. They might also make product recommendations to customers that will assist them to keep their chosen hue or design. To strengthen the hair, some hairstylists will also use treatments like oils or masks. A hairstylist must be knowledgeable about current hairstyle trends to advise clients on the haircut, cut, and color that would look best on them.

Outstanding Jobs In The Beauty Industry That Pay Well.

Fashion designer

The nationwide average pay for fashion designers is $51,780 annually.
primary obligations: For items of apparel like dresses, shoes, and suits, a fashion designer plans the patterns and hues. By investigating trends, they conceive and produce ideas for apparel and accessories. To create items for fashion shows and fashion photography, fashion designers might work commercially or for high-end designers. To better foresee and assess emerging trends in designs, materials, and colors, they frequently put together mood and concept boards.

image advisor

A $60,685 annual pay is the average nationwide.
primary obligations: A client of an image consultant collaborates with them to assess and match their personal or professional image with their marketing objectives. They are often in charge of assisting each customer in enhancing or changing their public image, style, and physical appearance. This could entail changing one’s appearance online and in terms of dress, hair, cosmetics, and personality. To assist their clients, image consultants stay current on trends and stylistic ideas.

Tattoo artist

Nationwide average salary: $64,245 per year
primary obligations: A tattoo artist designs and creates tattoos for their clients using their artistic skills and in-depth understanding of health and safety standards. A tattoo needle is used to inject ink into the skin of a client to produce permanent images. Several tattoo artists sit down with their customers and discuss with them how they’d like their tattoo to appear and what it may represent before simply giving people tattoos. These experts frequently provide their customers with specific custom tattoos.


National average yearly salary: $73,227
primary obligations: Barbers are masters at styling their customers’ hair. To assist clients in achieving their desired looks, they frequently use methods including cutting, trimming, and tapering. When necessary, they also clean hair and give scalp treatments. Barbers must also interact with their customers to determine which hair or beard style is most appropriate for each person.

beauty artist/ makeup artist

National average yearly salary: $74,585
primary obligations: A makeup artist applies makeup to their clients using cosmetic talents. By applying cosmetic procedures, they must improve their client’s appearance, draw attention to distinctive qualities, and cover up imperfections. To assist their clients, makeup artists use color theory, finesse, and a thorough understanding of makeup and beauty instruments.

Outstanding Jobs In The Beauty Industry That Pay Well.



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