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Primary Basic Elementary Education: This is how it goes

Primary Basic Elementary Education: This is how it goes

Primary Basic Elementary Education: This is how it goes. Do you know that there had been philosophers who spoke on children, basic or primary education? Listen to this – Who questions much, shall learn much, and retain much – Francis Bacon. Did you also hear that;  a dull mind gets bored easily. A curious mind expands forever –  Maxime Lagacé .   And now. Listen to this; a well-educated mind will always have more questions than answers –  Helen Keller And  Margaret Mead said; children must be taught how to think, not what to think. Professonalmarks.com leverages on these to bring to you certain information that the primary education needs to growth. In this connection, we present in this site curriculum matters, examinations questions and answers etc

Professional Life Begins at Primary Schools:.

As a matter of fact, in the early years of elementary school, children begin their preparation for professional life. That is to say that it’s in the first years of school, in basic education, that the professionals of today began to be trained. Realize too that these citizens are today responsible for their various country’s social development and economic growth. Have you thought about these responsibilities? In fact, forty years ago did you think about these responsibilities?

As a matter of fact, as the name implies, elementary education is the most important phase of a child’s life. This is where he receives all the educational concepts – the fundamentals. During this period, the children are prepared to be ethical citizens and competent professionals. In fact, if she/he has it from the bottom, she will go far and be a great professional.

“Learning is done in a spiral. Eeach time it goes a little deeper. If this’s not developed in the right way, gaps are created that will have an impact on adolescence and adulthood”, says Wagner Devasto, director and maintainer of Colégio Sirius, in Sorocaba. So, basic education is fundamental in the intellectual development of children and young people. In fact, destinies re designed here.

Primary Basic Elementary Education: This is how it goes

Furthermore, the first years of school have a great impact on citizens academic and professional life. In fact, education can be compared to the construction of a building.  So, it’s impossible to raise a structure without having a solid foundation. That’s why, it’s said that investing in education’s also actively contributing to the construction of a more just society. “For someone to be a good professional, it is necessary to build a good foundation and that happens in elementary education”, says pedagogue Carlos Antonio Gomes de Oliveira Freitas, professor at Colégio Anchieta , in Recife, in Pernambuco.

Now let’s go a step further by considering the internet for education.

Internet for the benefit of education:

So, the use of the Internet in the classroom has placed teachers, in general, facing a dilemma: to encourage or not the use of the network? Notwithstanding, the internet can be a great source of distraction. However, if used as a work tool it contributes a lot in research and to broaden children’s view. “It is essential that young people have a broad view of the world. Therefore, I think it is important to work on the ethical and political issue, not partisan, of course. And the internet can help in the search for this knowledge”, evaluates the pedagogue.

Furthermore, knowledge must be built, not decorated. In the search for answers, the student makes the connections and, in this way, never forgets what he has learned. Decorating tables, rules and standards, for example, only serves to achieve a good grade in the tests. “That is why it is so important, from the beginning, to stimulate the development of competences, skills and attitudes that contribute to its growth”, says Professor Freitas.

Our Vision: Primary Basic Elementary Education: This is how it goes

In profesionalmarks.com these are our visions. So, even though this topic is discussed under our primary-education category, the highlights here impact on other categories.

As a matter of fact, with the same opinion, Wagner Devasto believes that the school should prepare for life and not only for the job market. All tools that instigate children’s research and curiosity are welcome. “As an academic website, our interest is to awaken the will and the incentive to study. We have to instigate the student to learn to learn. To think and build knowledge.

Primary Basic Elementary Education: This is how it goes

Education for all

Malcolm X  said, education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. You know that this is true. So, it’s clear that better educated children will have a better chance of attending good universities and, consequently, placing themselves well in the market. For this reason, scholarship programs like  Tony Elumely Foundation etc. have gained prominence in the recent time.

Through these scholarship programs children whose parents are unable to pay in full for their studies can enter better structured schools and guarantee qualified training. “It is a great form of inclusion and it is changing the reality of many families. We cannot be so distant from each other. We realize that the student who comes with any scholarship is vibrant, capable, grateful and has incredible potential”, tells the pedagogue of Colégio Anchieta, from Recife.

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Primary Basic Elementary Education: This is how it goes

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