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Why is completing high school important? Why not stop there?

Why is completing high school important? Why not stop there?

Why is completing high school important? Why not stop there? – Here we stress the fact that student completing high school portfolio in the classroom is important to be becoming a professional. Secondary or High school as is called in certain domains, is the last stage of compulsory education. But we know that more than half of nearly every country population do not completed basic education. This means that many people do not finish secondary school. This is a challenge to be faced across many countries.

Higher School & Society

As a matter of fact, for us at prfessioanlmarks.com, we wish to contribute our quota in highlighting the importance of educating the society. That is why we present our articles in various ways. So, there are questions and answers, tutorials, and academic information combined here. There is also information on scholarship, trainings, career promotions, and recruitment too.

Going further on our discussion of secondary education, there is the data showing that a good part of the population is not sharing essential knowledge at secondary level of education in schools. And that the lack of education also impacts unemployment and poverty rates in the country. This is a big concern for us at professionalmarks.com

Why is completing high school important? Why not stop there?

This Why You Must Finish Basic Education:

As a matter of fact, we found out that in many cases, the need to work is the reason that hinders the end of high school. In fact, dealing with the double journey can be quite difficult, but there are advantages to doing so. Check out why it is important to finish basic education with our content divided into the following topics:

  • Is it essential to complete high school?
  • Why isn’t high school enough?
  • What is the importance of higher education?

Is it essential to complete high school?

Yes. That is the correct answer.

In fact, we emphasis that it’s essential to complete basic studies – and the reasons are many. First of all, we cannot fail to consider that it is the final stage of compulsory education. In other words, people who do not reach the end of high school are becoming oblivious to a right that is universal.

Evidently, there are reasons to consider that basic education ranges from primary school to secondary school classes. This indicates that the knowledge that all citizens need to have is divided between all levels of education. Thus, completing only the basic level means that many citizens do not have contact with important knowledge.

The completion of secondary school education is also related to respect for the particularities of adolescence. Abandoning studies at this stage to work hurts the care that the country must offer to people who are preparing for adulthood.

In addition to the educational and social aspects, completing high school is also related to the search for more professional success. Schooling is one of the factors that most influence the salary received by professionals. And it is not just due to wages. In fact, employability and working conditions are better for those who finish basic education.

Why is completing high school important?

Why is completing high school important? Why not stop there?

Another point that shows how essential it is to complete high school is that a diploma of completion is a requirement for entry into university. In other words, people who have only completed elementary school cannot achieve the dream of entering a tertiary education course.

Are you beginning to understand why professionalmarks.com is concerned?  In fact, the reasons why we present our articles in questions and answers, tutorials, and academic information combined. And then information on scholarship, trainings, career promotions, and recruitment, to ensure you don’t lack assistance to becoming a professional of your choice. 

And again, why isn’t high school enough? Why is completing high school important? Why not stop there?

As we said, secondary education is essential, unfortunately, many people are still unable to complete their studies in basic education because they have the need to work from an early age. Thus, adolescents, young people and adults end up facing the difficulty of postponing their secondary education training.

Yet, his conclusion of the basic education is something necessary to offer the citizens better wages and working conditions. So, you can see why we say that those who give up the end of secondary school to work and earn money are not doing something beneficial.

As you know, not even completing secondary education is a guarantee of good job opportunities. Despite generating higher salaries than those that completed elementary school, yet this level of education is not enough to achieve career success.

Why is completing high school important?

Continuing to qualify, through a university or technical education, is the ideal way for those who want to grow professionally and have higher incomes over time. For an example; while the average salary of a nursing assistant could be N30,000.00 in Nigeria, the graduated nurse could receive an average of N60,000.00 per month.

The context of other professions in many countries also shows that professionals with higher education earn on average twice as much as those who did not go to universities. Thus, completing your studies at school is very important, but you also need to think about what to do after secondary education. 

Now, what is the importance of higher education?

Furthermore, you don’t need to be told about this. In fact, after analyzing the reality of the country, it is worthwhile to start planning what you are going to do when you finish secondary school. Choosing a university degree is a great strategy for planning your career – especially opting for a quality university.

In fact, studying at an excellent institution like University of Nigeria, OAU, ABU, UNIABUJA etc. generates advantages that go beyond the university degree. These are sure to have the best infrastructure (on-site or distance learning ), qualified teachers and updated curriculum for the job market. These benefits add value to your training and greatly increase your chances of taking advantage of good employment or entrepreneurship opportunities.

Ok! Now, check out some reasons that highlight the importance of higher education.

Development of specific skills

With the end of high/secondary school, you will have developed the general knowledge that Nigerians need to have in basic education. During the years at school, relevant studies are carried out on various subjects – Mathematics, English, Biology etc., but it’s in higher education that they can be used to develop specific skills.

Whoever takes a course in Administration, for example, learns to use the knowledge of Mathematics and other sciences to carry out business management activities. At the Faculty of Nursing , content such as Biology is used to learn about health care.

Professional growth: Why is completing high school important? Why not stop there?

Furthermore, as the research data mentioned above shows, professional qualification is a central aspect in achieving career success. People with higher education degrees grow more, as they can apply for more complex vacancies – such as management and leadership.

The job market seeks qualified and up-to-date professionals. In this way, those who have an undergraduate diploma and continue to study in free or postgraduate courses are able to continue looking for growth opportunities in companies and also opening their own businesses.

Protection against unemployment

It is not just employability that improves with the completion of higher education. Yes, you are more likely to do well in job interviews when you have college. And even better; it also makes it easier to avoid unemployment and maintain your income even in times of crisis.

The logic is as follows: companies need to continue with strategic professionals for the business. Therefore, when they face financial problems and need to fire, they will protect the employment of the most qualified people, who carry out activities of central importance. Do you get this?

Summing Up:

Now you know that completing high school is very important and that you shouldn’t stop at it. Planning your career success depends on your efforts to become more and more qualified. So, it is worth thinking about strategies to continue studying and having new opportunities in the market.

So, was this post useful for your professional life? Take the opportunity to understand what your career is and see if it is right for you!


Why is completing high school important?

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