Primary Education: See how Destinies are Designed Here – Read more about our primary education section. Do you believe that destinies are designed at the primary education level? Are you one of those willing to partner with us to promote this agenda. The agenda of promoting good primary education in Nigeria? Then, read on and click here for more of our primary education information.

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As a matter of fact, here get you all the latest information you need to deliver the right education to your wards. This is because we belief that destinies are designed here. belief that destinies well designed will lead to destiny realizations at the professional level in life time. Therefore, parents, guardians, teachers and school proprietors are encouraged to read from this section of this blog. That is to equip all of you with the ability to participate in designing the child’s destinies at the primary education level.

Primary Education: See how Destinies are Designed Here

The curriculum content: Primary Education: See how Destinies are Designed Here

In fact, we are of the opinion that the curriculum areas of learning cover a lot of foundational educational skills. These include, language and literacy. Others are mathematics and numeracy, the arts. the world, personal development and mutual understanding,  in addition to physical education. In this connection, we give information relating to these subject matters in this blog. In fact, the external exams question and answers, results and school management are covered here.

As a matter of fact, will ensure that important  education areas like Areas of Learning, Guides for parents on the curriculums, Count, and development of literacy and numeracy skills are covered. In this connection, again, matters relating to primary education, exam bodies, examination questions and answers are fully covered.


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