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This is how to become a professional: I want to be a professional!

This is how to become a professional: I want to be a professional!

This is how to become a professional: I want to be a professional! What to do? It is known that whatever area we choose to follow, we always need to be on top of related issues, but when it comes to being a professional, the weight of that doubles. Because? Professional matters do not stop. In fact, it’s constantly evolving. One first thing is that you need to like the subject, after all, a good professional love what he does.  And that is why he sees no problem in reading daily articles and news on the subject.

Choose a Profession:

Before taking the first step, it is necessary to designate which profession you want. And, which area to specialized in. For instance, for ​​IT you give yourself the most, which subject makes you most willing to know about.  What really instigates you. Is it the Web world? Desktop? Mobile? Networks? Hardware? Anyway, there are several. This also do for other professions you are interested in. Again, for instance, in Accounting, do you want to be an auditor, book keeper, tax expert, forensic accountant, and any other?


As a matter of fact, consider these steps essential for a start-up. Profesionalmarks.com will continue to keep you informed on what will help you build your profession. We encourage you to bookmark this page and always come back to it for updates.

Study at home!

That is to say, make research on what you want. So, in order not to go throwing yourself face without knowing if you really like the chosen area, start studying alone. The internet is an open book of great content.  Just know how to search. Read books on, articles, videos with tutorials and participate in help forums.

If you see that you are getting tired of the subject, a yellow light. Rethink and start studying another area, but remember that nothing is “chewed”, there are complex areas and “boring” subjects, but that is extremely important for your success.  

Take a technical course! – This is how to become a professional: I want to be a professional!

Furthermore, once you have a base, it’s time to go deeper to exchange and acquire more knowledge from professionals in the field. This may require you going in for tutorials for professional exams. In some other disciplines like IT, it’s interesting to take a technical course before entering college because IT courses are great to practice. Here, in most courses, in the second module the student is already faced with problem situations that he will encounter during his professional life. So, he learns in theory and in practice how to deal with each phase. In addition, a technical course gives you an even better “north” of which course to choose to invest in your next 4-5 years.

Look for an internship / job!

The professionals’ market is open to technicians from all areas. So, after graduating, just look for a pole of companies in the area.  And distribute curriculum vitae and wait to be called to practice what you have learned in those years of technical course and studies privately, and of course, learn a lot more!

For professions like IT, it’s important to continue studying at home after training the technician. This is to practice what you saw in class and to always look for new things to be prepared for any situation that your company throws into your hands.

Get into college/university!

As a matter of fact, certification does not make a professional better than one who has worked in the field for 10 years and is not trained. Professions like IT boils down to learning + practice.  However, this does not mean that you do not need to have a degree. Graduating, in addition to giving you more study and development guidelines, allows you to enter a company with stability and manage increasingly larger positions, if it is within your competence.

Specialize! This is how to become a professional: I want to be a professional!

The market, companies, will always need a professional who specializes in certain area.  For IT again, some area of ​​Information Technology. So, presenting yourself as a specialist in a certain subject is a big step towards success. However, don’t get stuck in your specialization. Technology is linked to innovation. Always be willing to get to know and learn about new areas.

Act! on This is how to become a professional: I want to be a professional!

Probably at this stage, the recommended thing is that you have already worked in the area to see how everything works. If that happened, great. Perhaps this will awaken an entrepreneurial side that will make you open your own business. However,  in the IT world try to be a differential even for the world, because IT is a universal world. If you are in a company, always try to grow, look for promotions and stand out. If you studied and are able to take a high position, why settle for little? Move yourself!

This is how to become a professional: I want to be a professional!

Summing up: This is how to become a professional: I want to be a professional!

We have taken the example of the IT profession to illustrate what could happen in other professions.  Your duty is to look into the profession of your choice and find out its various areas of competence and key into one or more for specialization.

However, again, the Information Technology area is a fantastic world where it allows you to create, change things that exist for the better and make everything easier. Furthermore, it is an area that has no end, we can see that nowadays. In fact, practically everything revolves around technology.  We are connected to it 24h, whether through social networks, smartphones or tablets.

Can you make it?

Bet on the area, but remember the first point: You have to like it! For us in professioanalmarks.com we are passionate about this world, we breathe professionalism. And so, we are always updating to keep up with trends and offer the best options and ideas for our customers and partners. In fact, we will soon open a tutorial centre for students of Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria. Find out via +234 8034347851 to find out about this.

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