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This is how to get ready for Screening @ NYSC Camp

This is how to get ready for Screening @ NYSC Camp

This is how to get ready for Screening @ NYSC Camp – Getting ready for screening at NYSC camp in Nigeria is a must. So, for this screening you need NYSC camping check list which is covered in this post. And for that also are things to buy for NYSC camp.

Furthermore, do you need to know about activities in NYSC camp and requirements? Do you also need to know about things needed for NYSC camp educational curriculum and instructions? So, here are things to bring along as part of the NYSC kit list.

NYSC Orientation Camp Screening:

Included in this post are other things relating to your NYSC camp screening. These are the NYSC orientation camp requirements list, date, preparation and registration procedure. Then are the checklist survival kit, daily activities, documents, what to expect, items and things needed. Others are requirements for married woman, things not allowed (prohibited) and things to take to camp. Therefore, this post will keep you ready for your NYSC camping. Just read on.

This is how to get ready for Screening @ NYSC Camp

NYSC Orientation Camp

NYSC orientation camping of prospective corpers is for 21 days. This three weeks is for great training. In fact, is a period for social, educational and cultural activities. Then, is a time to prepare for your NYSC service year.

Orientation Camp for NYSC are now in Batches. So, there could be batch A or B Stream 1 or 2 or more as the case may be.

Now is your time to prepare yourself, soul, and spirit for this exercise. So, to prepare for NYSC orientation camp, do not have in mind that you are going to be comfortable there like you are at home. So, have in mind that you are going to be at the NYSC orientation camp for 20 full days, leaving the camp at the 21st day.

On the contrary, the orientation camp is always full of fun and turns out most times to be the best part of NYSC. Therefore, get ready to wear Mufti to camp. That is a pair of trousers and polo shirt with shoe or sandals will be okay. Professionalmarks.com advises that you go to where you re posted early. Even if it requires you travelling by flight, make sure you go a day before. In fact, the fun will start on the exact day of camp opening. We advise that for whatever reason you have or anything you are doing, try to make it to camp by 2 days after its opening.

NYSC Camp Documentations

In addition, you need to know about all the documents required for your camp documentations ahead of time. And here they are.

Original copies of your;

  • call-up letter
  • school certificate or statement of result
  • green card
  • COVID-19 slip
  • medical certificate of fitness
  • Institution’s identity card for manual verification
  • NYSC Camp Registration Procedure

The procedure for registration at the NYSC orientation camp:

The procedure for registration at the NYSC orientation camp follows the listed step below.

  • At arrival at the camp present your medical certificate of fitness. Then, undergo compulsory COVID-19 screening by the NCDC. This is because only those tested negative will be allowed entry.
  • Get a routine turn slip and then go through both manual and electronic security checks for unauthorized objects. This is a must before you re allowed into the camp.
  • At entering the the camp your hostel will be allocated to you. Then proceed to the store to get a mattress.
  • Now that you have secured your bed space, then, move to the registration unit with the documents stated in your call-up letter.
  • Get a chair and sit. You will be guided by the officers.
  • At your your turn to be attended to, present the slip given to you at the camp gate, original copy of your call-up letter, original copy of your school certificate or statement of result, and institution’s identity card for manual verification.
  • After that, you have to move to the ICT table for digital verification and issuance of state registration number (code).
  • And, now you can move to the next unit for meal ticket and number tag. The number tag will serve as your temporary identity card until you re issued a plastic corps member’s identity card. Remember that it’s mandatory to hang the tag on your neck at all times.
  • Then for your bank account opening, bank staff will be at the hall to do that for you. This is the bank account your will be paid your allowances right from the camp. So, it’s necessary you locate the bank to which you have been assigned. Then, fill the account opening forms before proceeding to the next step.
  • Then, move to your platoon officer for your file and kit items – NYSC uniforms.

Note: It’s important you are certain about the person you take as your Next of Kin on any form that requires that.

This is how to get ready for Screening @ NYSC Camp

Do you know that your platoon number is the last digit of your state code?

Now, look at this; if your state code number is 0503, then your platoon is 3.

Every corp. member is attached to a platoon. This is because most of your activities including morning drills and competitions would be conducted according to platoons. Again, you would be given some small booklets like camp schedule, the NYSC anthem, rules, and regulations.

professionalmarks.com wishes to know if your are getting it right up to here. This is important, otherwise you can start afresh again.

NYSC Kit/Uniform for Camp:

Each corps member is entitled to a set of kit. In this kit are the following items:

  • 1 Cap
  • 1 Pair of Jungle Boots
  • 1 Pair of White Canvas
  • 1 Khaki Suit
  • 1 Belt
  • 1 Crested Vest
  • 2 Pairs of PE Shorts
  • 2 Plain Vests
  • 2 Pairs of Stockings

Allowances Payable on Camp:

You’re expected to take care of yourselves in the camp. Therefore, every corp. members re entitled to these allowances while in camp:

  • Transport allowance to camp – 1,800
  • Bicycle allowance – 1,400
  • First monthly allowance before leaving camp – 33,000

NYSC Travel Safety Tips for Prospective Corps Members

Professionalmarks.com thinks it’s necessary you are guided with some travelling tips before you leave the camp. We do this because after the camp orientations, you will have to locate your service locations/offices/towns/villages by yourselves.
So, please, note the following travel safety tips and adhere strictly to them:

  • You are enjoined to make adequate travel preparation before setting out on the journey. Therefore, crosscheck that you’ve picked all the relevant documents that will be requested at the point of registration. Do this to avoid the danger of being asked to go back home and fetch the forgotten items.
  • In addition, you have to research your destinations thoroughly before leaving.
  • Please, avoid boarding vehicles by the roadside. It may be cheaper but the outcome my be very costly. So, please only board cars from recognized parks.
  • Again, you have to be conscious of your travelling time. Arrange your Journeys in such a way that you arrive your destination latest 6 pm. We advise that your can break your journeys to avoid arriving at your destination at odd times.
  • In addition, avoid unnecessary argument on politics and religion, among others. This is because you may unwittingly offending some one. Therefore, keep your views to yourself.

This is how to get ready for Screening @ NYSC Camp

  • Furthermore, try always to be courteous. However, be careful to trust people too quickly. Then, don’t be loud while answering telephone calls, so as not to unknowingly divulge important information that may place you on a harm’s way.
  • And for those of you you drink, please, watch your drinking habit. You should have known that alcohol dulls ones senses. But always be sober.
  • Again, take only what you need for the journey. Try not to overburden yourself with load.
  • Dress normal. That means, neither overdress nor dress shabbily,
  • At this point, always keep a very close watch over your personal effects. So, always carry your vital documents – certificates, international passport – on you.
  • Don’t put valuables in your back pocket. You should know that that it’s the pickpocket’s attraction. So, It’s safer to use your front pocket.
  • Finally on this. always keep your family and trusted friends updated on your itineraries.

Camping Tips:

For Prospective Corps Members, the following are your camping tips. Look, you must take this seriously.

  • Report on your camp at the scheduled camp reporting date.
  • Remember not to travel to the orientation camps at night. Instead, you can break your journey when necessary.
  • Furthermore, it’s necessary you register for the COVID-19 Test using the link in your dashboard once deployed.
  • Do you know that after documentation in the camp, your date of birth, date of graduation and course of study cannot be changed?
  • Report to you institute of study if you have any discrepancy with the date of graduation on your statement of result and your call-up letter. This cannot be handled in the camp.
  • Note also that after camp documentations, passport photograph cannot be changed.
  • If you refused to report to the orientation camp, you will not be automatically re-validated to the next stream.
  • You may apply for correction of wrong gender and title in the camp.
  • You can also apply online for corrections to your class of degree, qualification and course of study. Your Student Affairs Officer (SAO) will treat these.
  • Where there is a disparity in the name on the statement of result and that on the call-up letter, apply for name addition and removal on your dashboard. Your SAO will process online by uploading backing documents.

Do you know the 7 Things You Should Not Do to Your NYSC Documents?

Furthermore, things you should not do to your important NYSC documents (statement of result, medical certificate, call up letter, green card) that you must take to the orientation camp.

  1. Do not laminate
  2. Do not forget any at home
  3. And, do not lose your documents
  4. Again, do not sell any
  5. Do not fold
  6. Do not carelessly keep
  7. And finally, do not give anyone

How Many Passports Do You Really Need for NYSC?

For camp registration and other official documents, you only need say 7 – 9 passports for NYSC documentations

NYSC Orientation Camp Requirements

Summing up, we have here for you the checklist of items needed in NYSC orientation camp:


  • Call-up Letter (Original +3 photocopies)
  • Green Slip (Original +3 photocopies)
  • School ID Card (+3 copies)
  • Statement of Result/Certificate (Original +3 photocopies)
  • Medical Fitness Certificate (Original +3 photocopies)
  • Passport Photos with a white background (7 – 9 copies)
  • Stationary (Pen, Stapler, Permanent Marker)


  • Casual/Sunday Wear
  • Jumaat/Church Clothing
  • Plain White Round Neck T-shirt (as many as you like)
  • Plain White Shorts (as many as you like)
  • Carnival Costume/Cultural Wear (be creative)
  • Plain White Rubber Shoes (recommended)
  • Plain White Sneakers (optional)
  • White Socks (as many as possible)
  • Cardigan (White)
  • Cloth Hangers

This is how to get ready for Screening @ NYSC Camp

Furthermore, are Toiletries

  • Toiletries
  • Bedsheets and Blanket
  • Body Cream/Lotion
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Hand Fan
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Bathing Towel
  • Sanitary Pads and Tampons
  • Shower Caps
  • Mosquito Net/Repellant
  • Bucket and Bailer


  • Beverages (Cereals, Garri, Milk)
  • Food Flask
  • Cutleries
  • Detergent
This is how to get ready for Screening @ NYSC Camp
Getting ready for Screening @ NYSC Camps Nationwide

Additional things;

  • Novels/Books
  • Power Bank
  • Sunglasses
  • Water Bottles
  • Torch Lights
  • Waist Pouch
  • Wrist Watch
  • Your Medications
  • Your Phone
  • Anti-malaria Pills
  • Bandages
  • Combs and Hair Need

This is how to get ready for Screening @ NYSC Camp

  • Cotton Wool
  • Disinfectants
  • Eye Pads (for sleeping)
  • Ear Plugs (protection from noise and dust)
  • Face Towels
  • Inhaler (for those who are asthmatic)
  • Makeup and Accessories
  • Methylated Spirits
  • Money (Lots of it) and Functional ATM card
  • Padlocks and Keys
  • Pegs/Clips
  • Perfumes/Body Spray
  • Pillow
  • White Panties (colored panties will be too conspicuous under the white tops and bottoms).

Furthermore, while preparing, its advisable to get these things before coming. This is because most of them can be easily bought in the camp but quite expensive,

Electric appliances (stove, pressing iron, clipper, laptop, extensions), raw foodstuff, mattress from home, mirrors, weapons and metallic cutleries are contraband items in the orientation camp. On the other hand, pack items as light as you can and make sure your box is as theft-proof as possible.

Applicable NYSC Orientation Camp Rules:

These information apply to NYSC candidates in Batch A, B and C. Therefore, the NYSC rules you must adhere to are all stated in this post to enable candidates to avoid being a victim of anything that may lead to the termination of their service.

  • There is no room for casual wears – immediately you get your camp kits, wear it, This is because there is no room for causal wears. Only your T-shirt and shorts with the tennis shoe are allowed on you.
  • Morning Regimented Program – By 4:30 am you should be at the parade ground. You have your praise, worship and prayer the Christian and Muslim ways. After the morning admonitions, by 7am, breakfast follows! After eating, you will be called out again for the series of programs lined up for you. Then you have your lunch, rest a little and you are out again for evening parade,. And your dinner later. These will be repeated everyday perhaps except on Sunday.
  • Feeding of oneself is at your costs. If you don’t like the camp food, go to Maami Market to eat but at your cost.
  • Unfortunately stealing is prevalently prevailing at the camp. So, secure your items.
  • You know what? Please, respect and obey the soldiers at the campground – this may be a warning.
  • The first stipends of N33,000 will be given to you in the camp, cash. All other ones will be through your bank account.

Top 10 Competitive Activities to Expect at NYSC Orientation Camp:

These are the different competitive activities that will take place in various orientation camps nationwide. That is why we say that the NYSC orientation camps are always very interesting. In fact, they are filled with moments you will never forget in your life time. As a matter of fact, these activities are meant to engage and educate every corp member about the tenets of serving the fatherland.

Here they are;

  • Beauty Pageant
  • Cooking
  • Hostel Cleanliness
  • Man ‘O’ War
  • Parade
  • Dancing
  • Debate
  • Drama
  • Sanitation
  • Sports

9 Costly Mistakes to avoid while in Orientation Camp:

Do you know that some of these mistakes can get you punished. In fact, they could kick out of camp or arrested.

  • Having sex or Sexual harassment
  • Don’t urinate and excrete around, always use the bathroom
  • Fighting
  • Forged or fake documents
  • Getting drunk
  • Jumping the fence
  • Lamination of documents
  • Rape
  • Stealing

For your professional recruitment tips, read this. 

NYSC Anthem Lyrics:

Youth obey the clarion call

Let us lift our nation high

Under the sun or in the rain

With dedication and selflessness

Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve.

Members, take the great salute

Put the nation first in all

With service and humility

NYSC for the noble youths

Make Nigeria a great nation.

Far and near we come to serve

This is how to get ready for Screening @ NYSC Camp

And to build our fatherland

With oneness and loyalty

NYSC for unity

Hail Nigeria, our great nation.

Youth obey the clarion call

Let us lift our nation high

Under the sun or in the rain

With dedication and selflessness

Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve.

Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED)

SAED is a scheme established starting right from the camp. This is to help corp members gain valuable skills before they finish their service year. As a matter of fact, the scheme runs for like a week in camp. Yet, you can decide to continue the program after camp. However, this is recorded as the most boring moments on camp. But we assure you, that where you develop an interest, you will never regret it

Now, for your business and entrepreneurial matters read this


Summing up on how to get ready for Screening @ NYSC Camp

In this post are the NYSC orientation camp requirements list, date, preparation and registration procedure. Others are the Camp checklist survival kit, daily activities and documents. You can check out on our previous post on the comprehensive list of requirements for your NYSC orientation camp assignment. Professionalmarks.com feels that this post will serve as your checklist while preparing for youth service orientation camps.

Finally, profssionalmarks.com hopes this post was very helpful to you. Then, if you enjoyed it, we advise you bookmark this post for your future referencing. And, did you click the relevant related topics for cross referencing too? Then, help share this topic for us to reach your friends. You can get inspirations here.

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