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My NYSC Orientation Finishes: How do I sort out things?

My NYSC Orientation Finishes: How do I sort out things?

My NYSC Orientation Finishes: How do I sort out things? The question is, as My NYSC Orientation Finishes, how do I sort out things? This question facing many corps members is begging for answers. And that is what this post is all about. If you are one of those corpers, here are the solutions to your questions.

As My NYSC Orientation Finishes – What next?

This is a reality question. Yes! As your NYSC Orientation Finishes – What next? Professionalmarks.com requires you to pay attention from here. So, after your NYSC orientation camp, the next step is for you to collect your posting letter from your platoon officer. This posting letter will tell you where you have been posted to for your national assignment.

A lot of things happens after this orientation period. In fact, many would like to travel back home while others go to their places of primary assignment. And some others may just be stranded. Why? That is why we advise you don’t travel after NYSC camp unless you have been relocated to other state.

Now, here are the things to do and next steps to take after NYSC orientation camp

Report to your PPA

Note that the first thing to do after NYSC camp is to go to your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). However, if you get relocation while in camp, then you have to locate the NYSC state secretariat in the new state of your reallocation for documentations.

We advise that if you don’t meet up to report in your PPA early enough in the day, you can lodge in any nearby corpers’ lodge or any religious body corpers lodge. That will enable you report the following day in the early hours.

We had hinted above that you you have to ensure you collected your posting letter from your camp platoon officer before leaving NYSC camp. This is because you need to report to your PPA with the posting letter. Note also that your PPA will either accept or reject you. In this case, if you are reject or accept, it will be noted on the detachable part of the letter.

My NYSC Orientation Finishes: How do I sort out things?

At this time, whether you accept or reject, take the document from the employer to your Local Government Inspector (LGI). The contact is on your posting letter. And, now make one photocopy of your posting letter before taking it to your PPA. This is because for instance, if your PPA is a secondary school, the principal of the school will stamp the detachable part of your posting letter, and write either “Accepted” or “Rejected”. The point is, whether you are accepted or rejected, take the detachable part of the form to your LGI’s office for documentation.

Reporting to your LGI Office:

In fact, this is the second step to take. So, after reporting to your PPA, you will be given a letter that shows whether you are accepted or rejected. Then you go forward from there to your NYSC zonal office or the office of LGI depending on the distance between the zonal office and the LGI office. This move is important because If you are rejected in your PPA, you do not need to proceed to step 3 until you get another PPA. At this point, your LGI or Zonal Inspector will repost you to another PPA or you find one for yourself.

My NYSC Orientation Finishes: How do I sort out things?

A 2-weeks leave:

Furthermore, is that you have to proceed on 2-week leave after completing steps 1 and 2 above as stated above. It’s possible you want to use your leave opportunity to travel home and meet your people. Yet, before leaving, please submit a leave application letter to your NYSC state coordinator through your LGI.

NYSC Allowance (Allowee):

Thank God, the allowance has been increased from N19,800 to N33,000. So, you will get a monthly payment of N33k starting from when you are in the orientation camp. As a matter of fact, the last payment will be double – that N66.000. NYSC will require you to open a new bank account. So, all your NYSC allowees will be entering here. This always comes about 2-3 days before the end of the month. However, your allowance can also come late in some months.

My NYSC Orientation Finishes: How do I sort out things? CDS Group

As a matter of fact, CDS stands for Community Development Service. This is where the NYSC officials split corps member into different groups. And, in fact, the CDS Groups meet once in a week. This CDS becomes very important as you cannot do your clearance if you did not take part in your CDS group exercises. At this group you brainstorm on how to do something important for the community where you serve.

NYSC Passing Out Parade:

A very important ceremony is this; the last ceremony of your youth service scheme. And if you enjoyed your services, you now now begin to remember the adage that says that everything that has a beginning will surely have an end. So, no matter how you enjoyed your place of assignment, you will end your NYSC after some months and then to face real life.

As a matter of fact, the passing out parade is always on a low key whereby you will go to your local government and collect your NYSC certificate.

Why is it Challenging for NYSC Corpers to Save?

Saving money is an important personal aspect of youth service scheme. In fact, this boarders on how you can manage yourselves during the service year. But then, what are the challenges to achieving this?

The first challenge is the city you are posted to. In fact, it’s most likely for people posted to villages to save more than those posted to cities. This is majorly due to of cost of living. Other factors range from individuals’ lifestyle to how some decided to enjoy their service year.

And for those you wish to save, adequate planning is key regardless of location. This is because if one plans and remain focused to the plan, nothing is unachievable.

If you need  professional recruitment tips, read this. 

My NYSC Orientation Finishes: How do I sort out things?

Saving Tips:

With regard to the last paragraph, here are some saving tips for those who want to make some saving during the NYSC service year.

  • To start with, try to always buy your needed materials/food stuffs in bulk.
  • A scale of preference – So, set up a priority table/list for your needs
  • Always equate your planned expenditure with your proposed income. One should be greater than the other. Now, which one is that?
  • Avoid the act of borrowing for any project of yours
  • Make use of PiggyVest or other schemes to save and to invest your money to earn interest

What is Piggy Vest?

PiggyVest is a very secure online savings platform. It’s a registered company for this purpose. In fact, by it’s operations it makes saving possible by combining discipline plus flexibility to make you grow your savings. This online saving platform is widely regarded as the biggest online savings and investing platform in Nigeria.

The platform offers you the opportunity to invest your money in various ventures and get up to 25% return on your investment. This is even for as little as 8 months or more period while in service. This saving Saving scheme can pay as much as 13% interests.

Various other ways to save money during NYSC service year:

Professionalmarks.com present to you here various other means of saving money during your NYSC service year.

  • You can save as an individual or as a group – group of individuals corp members
  • Again, you can save with a friend. In addition are savings with your husband or wife. In fact, you can save with any trusted one.
  • Make use of the banking facilities.

In total you have to form the habit of saving during this period, if you don’t want to beg from others. In fact, check your eating or drinking habit. This is because we know that all the small -small money you waste every day, week or month, can turn to a vast amount when you save them. You have to realize that saving for the rainy days is a good habit which you could also start a business with, pay rent or buy anything.

My NYSC Orientation Finishes:  How do I sort out things?

My NYSC Orientation Finishes: How do I sort out things?

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After Youth Service (NYSC) What Next?

Finally, you have to know that after NYSC service year, your real life starts. At this time you start thinking of getting a good job, doing business, getting a Master’s Degree in Nigeria or going abroad to further your education. So, now that you are a Man/Woman it’s all left for you to decide. Good luck. We have recommended topics on this post for you to go through for further information.


Summing up on My NYSC Orientation Finishes: How do I sort out things?

In this post is the question, as My NYSC Orientation Finishes, how do I sort out things? We have giving our details of what you should be doing to sort out things starting from when you collect your posting letter from your platoon officer. Other useful life experience hints are also included for training sake. We advise you check out on our previous post on this page shown as recommended post above for other NYSC service information. And, now, Professionalmarks.com feels that this post will serve as your handbook after your orientation camp.

Finally, was this post useful. If you enjoyed it, profssionalmarks.com advises you bookmark this post for your future referencing. And, did you check on our other relevant related topics for cross referencing too? Then, help share this topic for us to reach your friends. You can get inspirations here.

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