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paper 1


In each of the following sentences, there is one word in italics and one gap. From the list of words lettered A to D,

choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in italics and that will, at the same time, correctly

fill the gap in the sentence.

Binetou’s inquisitiveness is in sharp contrast with her sister’s _

A. indifference

B. noisiness

C. calmness

D. dullness

  1. Though at first it appeared an insignificant idea, it turned out to be quite

A. outstanding

B. successful

C. remarkable

D. interesting

  1. After grasping the fundamental aspects of his job, Kwesi had to cope with more __ procedures.

A. advanced

B. academic

C. subsidiary

D. secondary

Ultimate WAEC English Questions and Answers Samples 2023/2024

  1. The youth prefer discussing contemporary issues to _ ones

A. archaic

B. uninteresting

C. stale

D. political

  1. As erroneous as it might sound, the Headmaster’s assumption was quite __

A. wise

B. correct

C. precise

D. faulty

  1. Halima likes to dwell on trivial, rather than _ matters

A. strong

B. popular

C. weighty

D. heavy

  1. We all know that Bola is insolent whereas Ade is __

A. cowardly

B. respectful

C. humble

D. modest

WAEC English Questions and Answers Samples 2023/2024

  1. A few days after Musa’s __ , his sister longed for his departure

A. coming

B. entrance

C. arrival

D. welcome

  1. Algebra seems complicated, but with practice it becomes _

A. solved

B. simple

C. accessible

D. achievable

  1. Mrs. Agide is unassuming whereas her twin sister is __

A. cheerful

B. boastful

C. loud

D. rude


From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that best completes each of the following sentences.

  1. At Christmas, employees of Sugar Factory receive huge __

A. benefits

B. dividends

C. bonuses

D. salaries

  1. The exposed milk in that container has turned _

A. sour

B. putrid

C. mouldy

D. stale

Ultimate WAEC English Questions and Answers Samples 2023/2024

  1. Not all activities champion _ causes

A. worthy

B. real

C. concrete

D. favourable

  1. The Mayor gave a glowing __ at the funeral of the city’s only curator

A. citation

B. statement

C. tribute

D. commendation

  1. At the end of __, the National Anthem is played on our radio station

A. programming

B. production

C. transition

D. transmission

  1. The defence counsel was unable to convince __ of John’s innocence

A. plaintiff

B. witness

C. panel

D. jury

  1. Unfortunately, corruption is the __ of most African countries.

A. venom

B. bane

C. disaster

D. backbone

WAEC English Questions and Answers Samples 2023/2024

  1. The __ results proved that the patient had hepatitis.

A. investigation

B. diagnosis

C. probe

D. test

  1. The new book has beautiful __ which make it attractive.

A. illustrations

B. demonstrations

C. illuminations

D. compositions

  1. Their marriage was finally __ after years of hostility

A. cancelled

B. annulled

C. broken

D. separated


After each of the following sentences, a list of possible interpretation is given. choose the interpretation that is most

appropriate for each sentence

  1. Can you imagine Oka behaving as he has all the knowledge in the world? This means that Oka

A. does not really know everything

B. knows so much more than we think

C. is admired by everybody

D. respects other people

WAEC English Questions and Answers Samples 2023/2024

  1. Akin is too full of himself. This means that Akin

A. talks too much

B. eats too much

C. is too proud

D. is quite annoying

  1. she slogged her guts out for the examination. This means that she

A. she failed the examination despite working hard for it.

B. passed the examination despite not working hard for it

C. used unfair means to face the examination

D. really worked very hard for the examination

  1. I admire Modou: very few people can stomach all of Adaeze’s insults. This means that Modou

A. tolerated Adaeze’s insults

B. was a weakling

C. had no answer to Adaeze’s insult

D. did the right thing by remaining silent.

  1. After months of battling with stroke, he is now a shadow of his former self. This means that he

A. is now frail

B. is vulnerable

C. is hopeless

D. has almost recovered

WAEC English Questions and Answers Samples 2023/2024

  1. Kura, you can’t be too careful when dealing with Wang. This means that Kura

A. has no reason to be suspicious of Wang.

B. can fully rely on Wang

C. has to be very careful in his relationship with Wang

D. may feel free in the company of Wang.

  1. Don’t tell me another cock and bull story. This means that the speaker does not want to

A. be further baffled

B. hear the same old story

C. hear another drab story

D. be further deceived

  1. Had he confessed much earlier, she would have trusted him This means that he

A. had confessed earlier on, but he wasn’t trusted

B. had confessed much earlier on, and he was trusted

C. hadn’t confessed much earlier on, and he was trusted

D. hadn’t confessed earlier on, and he wasn’t trusted

  1. Kola: You really worked hard to win the case. Didia: You don’t know the half of it.

A. it wasn’t as difficult as Kola had thought

B. Kola’s statement wasn’t actually correct

C. it was even more difficult than Kola could imagine

D. winning the case didn’t mean much to Kola

  1. Femi is too clever by half. This means that Femi

A. displays his cleverness in an annoying way

B. is not as clever as he thinks

C. pleases everyone he meets

D. hides how clever he really is.

WAEC English Questions and Answers Samples 2023/2024


From the words lettered A to D below each of the following sentences, choose the word or group of words that is

nearest in meaning to the word in italics as it is used in the sentence

  1. He was such a brilliant footballer!

A. an inspired

B. an intelligent

C. a dazzling

D. a skilful

  1. The politician is a fluent speaker

A. an eloquent

B. a superficial

C. an insightful

D. a persuasive

  1. Everyone has the urge to succeed in life

A. compulsion

B. desire

C. need

D. courage

  1. When he heard the gunshot, he ran into a thick forest

A. tight

B. deep

C. dense

D. close

  1. That was a timely intervention

A. suitable

B. accurate

C. prompt

D. major

  1. David is not only hardworking but also scrupulous

A. painstaking

B. ambitious

C. pleasant

D. daring

  1. We really have to be careful because the situation is rather tricky

A. deceitful

B. trivial

C. unexpected

D. difficult

Ultimate WAEC English Questions and Answers Samples 2023/2024

  1. I think that his essay is impeccable

A. erroneous

B. correct

C. satisfactory

D. faultless

  1. There has been a marked change in her study habit

A. significant

B. real

C. full

D. complete

  1. He was directed to write the letter.

A. advised

B. instructed

C. persuaded

D. forced


WAEC English Theory Questions

Answer ONE question only from this section. All questions carry equal marks. Your answer should not be less than 450

words. You are advised to spend about 50 minutes on this section.

  1. As a concerned student, write a letter to the Principal of your school informing him of recent acts of bullying by

senior students and suggesting ways of arresting the situation.

  1. You just learnt that your younger brother intends to involve himself in examination malpractice during the

WASSCE. Write a letter to him warning him of the dangers of such an action and urging him to concentrate on his

studies instead.

  1. Write an article suitable for publication in one of your national dailies discussing the vandalization of public facilities

in your country and its effects.

  1. You are the Chief Speaker in a debate on the topic: Parents should allow their children to choose their own

careers. Write your speech for or against the topic.

  1. Write a story, real or imaginary which ends with “… I then realized that it pays to be disciplined.”.

WAEC English Questions and Answers Samples 2023/2024

You are advised to spend about 30 minutes on this section.

  1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions on it.

Our planet is at risk. Our environment is under threat. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the seas we fish in,

and soils we farm, the forests, animals, and plants that surround us are in danger. New terms and words describe

these problems: acid rain, the greenhouse effect, global warming, holes in the ozone layer, desertification, and

industrial pollution.
We are changing our environment. More and more gases and wastes escape from our factories. Rubbish, oil silages

and detergents damage our rivers and seas. Forests give us timber and paper, but their loss results in soil erosion and

also endangers wildlife.

The richer countries of the world are mainly responsible for industrial pollution. This is where most of all the

commercial energy is produced. In developing countries, poverty cause people to change their environment,

overgraze grassland, cut down trees for new land and firewood, to farm poor soil for food.

WAEC English Questions and Answers Samples 2023/2024

The United Nations Environmental Protection Agency says that an area of forest the size of Sierra Leone disappears

every year. Trees are cut down for timber which is used for building, furniture, paper, and fuel. They are also

destroyed to provide land on which to graze animals and build new villages and towns. But trees have many other

important uses.

Trees protect the land from a heavy downpour of rain and their roots help to hold the soil together. Forests are also

the home of many living things. The Amazon forest contains one-fifth of all the species of birds in the world. In our

forests, there may be plants and animals which could help in the discovery of new medicines for crops.

To rescue and conserve our beautiful world, we must act cooperatively. Individuals, communities, nations, and

international associations, all have the responsibility. By learning to protect the natural environment, we can manage

the earth’s resources for generations to come.

(a) The risk referred to in the passage is of what origin?
(b) From the passage, it can be deduced that the inhabitants of developing countries _ (c) According to the passage, the size of the forest depleted _ annually.
(d) The writer holds the richer countries responsible for industrial pollution because of their what?
(e) The message of the writer of the passage is the need for what?

Ultimate WAEC English Questions and Answers Samples 2023/2024

You are advised to spend about 40 minutes on this section.

  1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions on it.
Ultimate WAEC English Questions and Answers Samples 2023/2024

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