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How do you get a 100% scholarship in Nigeria?

How do you get a 100% scholarship in Nigeria?

How do you get a 100% scholarship in Nigeria?- One way for students in Nigeria to earn money is to receive a scholarship. Completely supported undergrad grants cover educational expenses and other school costs. This is – How do you get a 100% scholarship in Nigeria?

Nigeria offers numerous undergraduate scholarship opportunities. However, the issue is that a lot of students do not know about these grants or how to apply for them. Your parents will have an easier time paying for your education if you win a scholarship. In school, some Nigerian students can receive up to five (5) scholarships.

You might qualify for scholarships if you’re enrolled in a university, polytechnic, or college of education.
Nigeria offers several scholarships to both Nigerian and international students. However, scholarships in Nigeria typically favor local students significantly. The Federal Ministry of Education, government agencies and universities, philanthropic foundations, and most corporations provide these undergraduates, Master’s, and Ph.D. scholarships. There are merit-based, discipline-based, and means-based scholarship opportunities in Nigeria (for those with limited financial resources). Read more about – How do you get a 100% scholarship in Nigeria?

Oil and gas companies offer scholarships that, for the most part, pay for tuition and other expenses. In Nigeria, foundation-sponsored scholarships include the Gani Fawehinmi Scholarship, the MTN Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship, the Jim Ovia Foundation Leadership Scholarship for graduates and undergraduates, and the David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship for African Students.


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How do you get a 100% scholarship in Nigeria?

Nigeria offers specialized undergraduate scholarships. Students in a specific department are eligible to apply for these scholarships.
The requirements for the various undergraduate scholarships that are currently available in Nigeria can be found in this post. When and how to apply for scholarships will be covered.


The application period for the Federal Government Scholarship Awards that are open to students enrolled in Nigerian higher education institutions opens annually. For the selection interviews, the Honorable Minister of Education invites applications from qualified Nigerian students enrolled in public tertiary institutions in Nigeria. All undergraduate and graduate programs at Nigerian higher education institutions are eligible. For more information, visit www.fsb.gov.ng. Read more about – How do you get a 100% scholarship in Nigeria?

Bilateral Educational Agreement (BEA) Scholarship

Awards for Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. Students Studying Abroad Each year, the Federal Scholarship Board of the Federal Ministry of Education of Nigeria offers the Bilateral Educational Agreement (BEA) Scholarship Awards for Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. Students Studying Abroad in Countries Like Russia, China, Cuba, Morocco, Algeria, Romania, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Japan, Serbia, Mexico, Macedonia, et cetera.

PTDF Scholarships in Nigeria and Overseas (UK and France)

The Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF), a parastatal of the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, invites applications from candidates with the necessary qualifications for the PTDF Scholarship Scheme’s Masters (MSc) and Ph.D. Scholarships.

The PTDF Scholarship is given to students who want to study at top universities in Nigeria, France, and the United Kingdom. However, only Nigerian students will receive an undergraduate degree.

STATE GOVERNMENT Grants – How do you get a 100% scholarship in Nigeria?

Lagos State Grant – Nearby and Foreign

The Lagos State Government offers both Nearby and Unfamiliar grants to indigenes and occupants.

Local Grants: Unless otherwise directed by His Excellency, this is intended for prospective students of Lagos State ancestry. In a Nigerian higher education establishment, students ought to enroll full-time rather than part-time.

Scholarships from abroad: Students of Lagos State origin who have been accepted to undergraduate or graduate programs at reputable tertiary institutions outside of Nigeria are eligible for this award.
To participate, interested applicants are required to purchase scratch cards. Please go to www.lagosscholarship.org.

How do you get a 100% scholarship in Nigeria?


The French Embassy in Nigeria and TOTAL E&P Nigeria Limited are collaborating to co-finance a scholarship program for deserving Nigerian students interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in France.

Agbami Scholarship for Nigerian Undergraduates in the 100 and 200 Level

Several University Scholarship Awards are available to deserving Nigerian students in ALL the states of the Federation. Star Deep Water Petroleum Limited, a Chevron company and operator of the Agbami Field, continuously supports capacity building in the health and engineering sectors as a strategic feed into the national manpower pool. The Agbami Scholarship is available to Nigerian university freshmen and sophomores. This is How do you get a 100% scholarship in Nigeria?

Agip Scholarships for Nigerian Undergraduates

For Nigerian undergraduate students in the 100 level, the Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited provides a Tertiary Institutions Scholarship Grants Scheme. For the National Merit Award, only applicants majoring in engineering, geology, or geosciences are qualified. Other disciplines of study may be taken into consideration for the Host Community Excellence Award (for students from the states of Bayelsa, Delta, Imo, and Rivers).

How do you get a 100% scholarship in Nigeria?

Scholarship for Undergraduates from Mobil Nigeria

Mobil Nigeria National Undergraduate Scholarship Awards are open to Nigerian university students.. The award is open to deserving students from all of the Federation’s states, including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT)

Shell Scholarship for University Students in Nigeria

The SPDC JV gives first-year understudies in all Nigerian colleges the opportunity to study with a yearly honor for the length of their term through the Shell Oil Improvement Organization of Nigeria Ltd (Operator of the NNPC/SHELL/TEPN/AGIP Joint Venture) Scholarship Plan. The initiative aims to encourage academic success and broaden young Nigerians’ skill sets. Yes- How do you get a 100% scholarship in Nigeria?

National Merit Scholarships for Universities from Shell/SNEPCo

Undergraduate students at Nigerian universities are eligible to apply for the Shell Nigeria Exploration Production Company (SNEPCo) Merit Scholarship University Program. Full-time undergraduates enrolled in specific science and engineering courses qualify for the merit-based grant.

Grant for a Nigeria LNG Undergraduate Scholarship

Every year, Nigeria LNG Limited invites first-year undergraduate students from Nigerian universities to apply for the Nigeria LNG Undergraduate Scholarship Award. As a part of Nigeria LNG Limited’s corporate social responsibility to Nigerian citizens, the Nigeria LNG Undergraduate Scholarship Program was established in 1998.

Whole Nigeria Scholarship – Undergraduate National Merit Award

Total Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited (TEPNG) annually awards scholarships to outstanding Nigerian students in secondary and tertiary institutions in addition to those enrolled in postgraduate courses, demonstrating a high level of dedication to the educational development of Nigerian students. How do you get a 100% scholarship in Nigeria?

The NNPC/Addax Petroleum Scholarship Program

For full-time undergraduate students enrolled in any Nigerian university, polytechnic, or college of education who are pursuing a degree at the 100-level, Addax Petroleum Development (Nig) Limited offers the National Tertiary Institutions Scholarship Awards Scheme.

Grants for Undergraduate Scholarships from NPDC/SEPLAT

The first Undergraduate Scholarship Awards have been given out by the joint venture between Nigerian Petroleum Development Company Ltd and Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc. Scholarships are open to second-year undergraduates at Nigerian public universities who meet the requirements and are interested.

How do you get a 100% scholarship in Nigeria?


MTN Foundation Scholarships in Science and Technology

The MTN Foundation, Nigeria provides undergraduate students with a variety of subjects of study tenable at Nigerian tertiary institutions through its MTN Foundation Science and Technology Scholarships. Existing students who have maintained a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 3.5 (second class upper/upper credit) will have their MTN Foundation Scholarships extended.

MUSTE Scholarships for Nigerian Undergraduates

The Youth Empowerment and ICT Foundation has a scholarship division called Mankind Together To Support Total Education (MUSTE). Mr. Jim Ovia started and funded it in 1998 to give deserving Nigerian teenagers financial assistance. The scholarships are available to students in higher education institutions and universities in Nigeria. How do you get a 100% scholarship in Nigeria?

Gani Fawehinmi Scholarships for Students in Nigeria

The Gani Fawehinmi Scholarship Board releases a four million naira scholarship announcement for 20 to 40 Nigerian students attending postsecondary institutions in Nigeria each year. Scholarships are available at Nigerian universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education.

African students may apply for David Oyedepo Foundation scholarships in Nigeria.

Our primary tool for advancing the mission and objectives of the Foundation is the David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship program. The scholarship program provides qualified natives and residents of African nations with full-ride scholarships. The program aims to cultivate young leaders who are prepared to use their newly acquired abilities to guide organizations, communities, and their home nations. The scholarship allows students to attend Covenant University and Landmark University.

Scholarship for Nigerian Women from NWAG

Every year, the Nigerian Women Association of Georgia (NWAG) awards 37 Nigerian female students (one from each state of origin) undergraduate scholarships totaling 50,000 Naira to pursue any degree of study in Nigerian universities (N50,000)



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